Idea Zone: DoughSafe Doughbox Bags Will Cut Your Costs for Maintaining Clean Dough Boxes

This dough box hack saves time, money and employee grief.


Washing dough boxes day in and day out is a pain. With DoughSafe’s disposable Doughbox Bags, it is fast and easy to keep your dough boxes pristine, your labor cost low and your employees happy.  


Be Safe

A clean dough box is important to protect against food-borne illnesses and lawsuits.  However, dough boxes are cumbersome to clean. They are often too big to fit in the sink and, without proper drying, there is a high chance of “wet nesting.” This is water or moisture trapped between stacked boxes, which increases the chance of bacteria growth. Doughbox Bags are not only safer for your dough but will cost you less money by saving labor hours.


Save Money

At around 11 to 14 cents a bag, Doughbox Bags will cut your cost of maintaining clean dough boxes significantly—possibly almost in half, estimates Ray Wiley, founder of DoughSafe. ”We know because we did the calculations,” he said. With rising labor cost and a labor shortage, simplifying operations is important. It saves time for employees and reduces the frustration of cleaning awkwardly sized dough trays. The more time employees spend with customers instead of washing boxes, the better the customer service. 


Simplify Operations

Doughbox Bags are easy to use. The bags come on a roll, which can be left in a box or easily mounted on the wall. Employees simply slip the bag over the dough box and place the dough in the box (use of a release spray is recommended). After that, just cross and stack as usual. When the dough is finished, remove the bag and discard. Doughbox Bags create a tighter seal when stacking, but this generally does not require that any changes to the dough be made.

To see a video demonstration, visit “Your employees will love you for using this product, and you will feel better with the higher level of food safety,” says Wiley. 

Stop letting your dough boxes become a breeding ground for bacteria—order a free sample today! Gain peace of mind while saving both time and money with DoughSafe’s Doughbox Bags. To find out more or to order samples, visit or call 888-96-DOUGH.

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