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June 2015

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Give your customers a new treat with Pizza Cones

Pizza cones will increase revenue for your store

PizzaMakerMarketing.com can make your website marketing videos sizzle

Does your website video have the flavor it needs to sell more pizza?

A Slice of Hope conjures up magic and the possibilities of a brighter future through pizza parties for the needy.

A New York-based nonprofit organization wants to partner with pizzerias to offer food and comfort to the hungry and the homeless around the U.S.

Is that Joan Rivers or Justin Bieber? Name the celebrities in PMQ’s Pizza Portrait Quiz.

Take the Pizza Portrait Quiz online or mail in your answers, and you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a $100 Visa debit card.

Product Spotlight – June-July 2015

Featuring high-speed ovens, bakeware, hazelnut spread, magical spoons and wine in a can.

Napoletana Piccante with Buffalo Mozzarella

Massimiliano Saieva, chef and owner of Pizzarium in Miami, shares his recipe for a delicious Roman-style pizza.

Fried Veal Milanese

Use plain bread crumbs and grated Parmigiano-Reggiano to create this elegant yet easy-to-make Italian classic.

Changes to flour will affect your dough’s absorption rate, says Tom “The Dough Doctor” Lehmann.

The wheat in flour varies from one mill lot to another, so pizzeria operators must be ready to make adjustments to their dough formulas.

Linda “Marketing Maven” Duke outlines 5 ways to get free publicity for your pizzeria.

Positive media buzz can start with a simple handwritten note to a reporter or a smartly crafted press release.

An IRS extension doesn’t grant you more time to pay your taxes, says accountant Michael Rasmussen.

If you can’t pay your taxes in full by the due date, try applying for an Online Payment Agreement.

The Russians are coming—and bringing pizza with them!

Fedor Ovchinnikov, founder of Russian pizza chain Dodo Pizza, has become a leading light of capitalism in his homeland.

PMQ staffers review their favorite products and services from this year’s NAFEM event.

Check out the products that caught our eye at the North America Food Equipment Manufacturers show.

Chickens can’t fly, but your wing sales will soar if you follow our experts’ advice.

Thanks to flavorful spices, marinades and unique cooking methods, your chicken wings can leave a lasting taste impression on customers.

Lettuce show you how to create moneymaking “salad days” at your pizza shop this summer.

Surprise your salad-loving guests with artisanal ingredients and recipes they can’t find anywhere else.

Ironman in Training: A ‘regular pizza guy’ trains to be a triathlete in South Chicago.

Ryan Schroeder, a Papa John’s marketing manager, has burned off the flab—and revitalized his pizza career—just in time for triathlon season.

Learn the key components of creating a profitable bar and tap into a new world of profits.

A fullservice bar could keep your customers hanging around—and spending money—for longer.

Fedor Ovchinnikov, founder of Russian chain Dodo Pizza, may just be the “Steve Jobs of pizza.”

A renowned entrepreneur and founder of a Syktyvkar-based pizza concept, Ovchinnikov, 33, has reinvented the pizza business in his homeland.
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