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Product Spotlight - June-July 2014

Conveyor ovens, mozzarella cheese, pizza box printing and more!

Le Tree


Ready to Upgrade?

Featuring WOW! 2 technology, Middleby Marshall’s new PS360G conveyor oven was designed for operators who want to replace their existing PS360/350 ovens with a similarly sized bake chamber and updated cooking technologies. The upgrade allows operators to cook 30% faster than standard conveyor ovens while saving 30% on energy costs.
847-741-3300, middleby.com


Keeping Box Ads Current

New Method Packaging’s new digital pizza-box print program allows pizzeria operators to interact with customers by advertising monthly promotions and upcoming specials on their boxes. To stay current, operators can change their box advertising anytime simply by sending a new file to New Method—without purchasing new print plates.
937-324-3838, newmethodpackaging.com


Crafted to Perfection  

Bianco D’oro mozzarella was developed after a 16-month process of crafting and perfecting flavor, texture and color. After only six months on the market, Bianco D’oro mozzarella is already standing out from the crowd and solidifying itself as a top-quality mozzarella for the pizza industry.
908-272-4700, biancodoromozzarella@gmail.com


Planting Le Tree

Le Tree is a unique, multi-purpose table that’s ideal for appetizer or buffet dining. Originally designed to present fondue, Le Tree gives your customers a friendly gathering point to enjoy appetizers or drinks. With its space-saving design, it’s a great tool for upselling and entertaining customers while they wait for their table. Available in a variety of colors, it’s limited only by your imagination! larbrea.com


Staying On-Trend

If it’s time to add some variety to your pizzeria menu, look no further than Bonici flatbreads. Flatbreads offer a unique flavor and bite that adds another dimension to traditional menu items while allowing you to develop new and exciting menu concepts with on-trend products. Tyson provides excellent quality, price points and menu options—all from one trusted place. 800-248-9766, bonici.com


Brick by Brick

The Univex Stone Hearth Pizza Dome Oven is constructed of hand-laid refractory bricks, multiple layers of insulation and a hand-cut refractory brick cooking deck. The seven layers of insulation prevent heat loss and provide excellent heat retention. All of this adds up to a cost-effective, handmade oven that provides an incredibly good bake. 603-893-6191, univexcorp.com


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