January 2013

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Pizzas 4 Patriots Offers 'Slice of Home' to Soldiers in Combat

Veteran Mark Evans has been organizing the world's largest pizza parties since 2008.

Discover the untapped revenue and marketing potential of gift cards

Gift cards from PlasticPrinters.com provide a revenue stream that any and mom-and-pop pizzeria can easily tap into.

Our Town Helps Pizzerias Bring in New Residents

New mover program offers affordable venue for reaching this niche market.

Borrelli's Italian Restaurant has remained a family affair for more than 55 years.

Coworkers become friends and friends become family at this beloved Long Island pizzeria.

Keep your new pizzeria operation working at peak levels by choosing the right equipment

From ovens and POS systems to sheeters and washware, PMQ offers a list of the basic equipment required for any pizza restaurant.

Product Spotlight January/February 2013

Jan-Feb 2013 Pizza of the Month: Meatball Pizza

Meatball pizzas keep gaining in popularity, with styles ranging from sweet and spicy Greek to hearty Tex-Mex creations.

Cameron Mitchell credits his success to aggressive marketing and positive employee relations

Execution at the table and word-of-mouth are the best forms of restaurant marketing, says Ohio restaurateur.

Pasta dishes yield high profits, enhance menus and help create a true Italian dining experience

From spaghetti and meatballs to veal tortellini, pasta dishes yield high profits, enhance menus and help create a true Italian dining experience.

The risks and rewards of franchising a pizza restaurant concept

Franchising could make you a fortune or leave you in the poorhouse. You'll never know for sure until you try it.

A Pan for All Seasonings

Tom “The Dough Doctor” Lehmann reveals the secrets—and the perils—of seasoning steel pans.

Focaccia Bread

Chef Bruno reveals the secrets of Old-Country focaccia.

Setting Your Own Salary

Owners must take care to determine a “reasonable”—and deductible—compensation for themselves and other shareholders.

Unique promotional giveaway items can heighten your pizzeria's visibility for a minimal cost.

Logoed freebies, such as T-shirts, caps and keychains, offer a simple and cost-effective way to create top-of-mind awareness for your pizza restaurant brand.

Little Caesars earns PMQ's 2013 PIE Award by building a carryout pizza empire.

Little Caesars has supported millions in need with the Love Kitchen and helped hundreds of military veterans start their own businesses.