PMQ follows the pizza industry around the globe

  PMQ China

PMQ China began more than 10 years ago inside PMQ's office in Oxford, MS.  Now going to 3,000 pizza store operators around the country, PMQ China is the first and only pizza magazine dedicated to the pizza industry to publish entirely in Chinese. PMQ China provides industry news and market trends to pizza operators, food distributors, equipment suppliers and pizza professionals.

The magazine is published by Yvonne Liu (pictured here with PMQ Publisher Steve Green) from the PMQ China headquarters in Shanghai.  Liu also organizes the Chinese Pizza Championships each year as part of the FHC food show each November in Shanghai.  

To find out more about how you can reach thousands of Chinese industry decision makers or if you have interest in participating in the FHC international food and hospitality show in Shanghai you may contact PMQ's International Correspondent using this contact form.


   PMQ Russia

Introducing PMQ Russia, the first Pizza Restaurant Magazine serving the 3,000 most influential business leaders of the Russian Pizza Market.  The quarterly magazine is published out of Moscow by Vladimir Davydov.  

Davydov also organizes the annual Russian Pizza Championships which takes part in the PIR expo in Moscow each October.  





  Pizza E Pasta Italiana

Pizza E Pasta Italiana was born in 1989, and delivering 80,000 copies per month is the most widely used magazine in the specific sector especially in the area of catering with classic pizzas and beverages.


  Pizza E Core

Pizza&core International is targeted at bringing the culture of the "Made in Italy" pizza all around the world, ensuring that pizzaiolos in every corner of the globe who are curious to learn more of the Italian tradition can find it here.

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