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It’s the hidden language that speaks volumes. Our bodies naturally communicate our needs, desires and concerns, and a server who can interpret body language can earn bigger tips. Start by identifying the person in charge, says Jodi RR Smith, an etiquette consultant. “There’s always someone in charge of a table, whether it’s the host or hostess of the table or the senior-most ranking person. They generally tend to be the person who is paying the bill, so it behooves the wait staff to be able to identify them, since they’ll set the tone for what’s happening at the table.”

Smith offers a wealth of insights and 6 ways to boost server tips at


Recipe: Fried Pizza Dough with Nutella (Sponsored)

Golden-fried pizza dough coated with sugar and crushed hazelnuts and drizzled with Nutella is a combination you’re sure to love! This recipe will make a perfect addition to your dessert menu.

Be inspired from Nutella’s dessert recipe ideas by visiting them here.


Domino’s Creates Online Wedding Registry for New Couples

Here’s an idea from one of the megachains that could also work for local small independent operators: Domino’s has launched a wedding registry site that lets friends treat the happy couple to a pizza feast before, during or after the blessed event. Customers can buy eGift cards for a total of 11 wedding-themed deals, including catering for bachelor and bachelorette parties, receptions and more.

Read more about this ingenious marketing gimmick at


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Dough Recipe Video: Upright Flour from Grain Craft (Sponsored)

Upright Flour from Grain Craft is specially formulated for that high-heat light texture that denotes a Neapolitan crust. In this episode of “Go For the Dough,” PMQ’s Brian Hernandez demonstrates how to make a wood-fired Neapolitan-style pizza dough using Upright Flour, which produces results comparable to leading “00” brands for half the cost.

Watch the full video at to learn more about Grain Craft’s Upright Flour.

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