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Ordering Domino’s: It’s As Easy As Opening Your Mouth

10 Ways to Order a Domino’s Pizza Online


As the demand for ease of ordering continues to rise among today’s pizza consumers, Domino’s has leveraged smart technology to make ordering as easy as opening your mouth. At Dominos.com, customers merely have to set up an online Pizza Profile (name, address and payment info) and Easy Order (favorite repeat order), and various handy apps will do the rest:

1. Facebook Messenger—Open a chat with Domino’s on Messenger or click the Message button on Domino’s Facebook page.

2. Zero-Click Ordering App—Open the app and let it count down to 0, and the order gets placed automatically.

3. Text Ordering—Text the pizza slice emoji or enter the keyword Easy Order to DPIZZA, then confirm the order by text.

4. Order by Tweet—Text #Easyorder or the pizza emoji to @Domino’s and confirm the order by direct message on Twitter.

5. Order with Dom—Using the Domino’s app, sign into your Pizza Profile, tap on Dom, the voice-ordering icon, and say, “I want my Easy Order.”

6. Order by Amazon Echo—Log into your Amazon account. Go to “Skills” and enable the Domino’s skill. Ask Alexa to place your Easy Order or Recent Order.

7. Order by Samsung Smart TV—Using the Domino’s app, place your Easy Order or Recent Order and track it on your TV.

8. Order with Ford Sync—Using the voice-activated SYNC AppLink in new Ford vehicles, say “Mobile Apps,” then say “Domino’s” to open the app, and say “Place my Easy Order.”

9. Order with Smart Watches—Open the Domino’s app on your smart watch—including the Pebble for Android, Android Wear for Android, Pebble for iPhone and Apple Watch—and place your order.

10. Order at Dominos.com—What are you, stuck in the past? Yes, this still works, but come on, Grandpa, get with the times!


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