This Week in Pizza | August 9, 2017

How to Create the Perfect Cheese Blend for Pizzas Your Customers Will Crave

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Cheese blends offer functionality and flavor, according to Mark “The Cheese Dude” Todd. They give you the stretch, coverage and browning you need, but they can also transform a so-so pie into a mouthwatering masterpiece. “There’s virtually no cheese you can’t make work on pizza,” Todd says. But some, of course, work better together than others.

Learn more about cheese blends and watch a video interview with the Cheese Dude at


Recipe: Premium Mozzarella Arancini

Looking for the perfect starter? Saputo, the legendary cheese-makers renowned for their premium mozzarella, serves up a cheesy, deep-fried delight in August’s Recipe of the Month.

Get the full recipe here and try it on your menu!


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Back to School: A PizzaTV Special

In our first-ever back-to-school PizzaTV video special, PMQ’s Brian Hernandez chats with a select focus group of three very cute pizza fans—Jemma, Jace and Mason—about Catwoman’s favorite pizza and how much to tip a delivery driver (even when he’s late).

Watch the video at and start the school year with a laugh.


Pizzeria Vetri Promotes Pies Inspired by Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones fans are living for Sunday nights as season 7 soars like a winged dragon to its icy, fiery climax. Pizzeria Vetri in Philadelphia is cashing in on khaleesi madness with a Sunday-night pizza party/trivia contest and cleverly named pies inspired by the HBO monster hit.

Who’s up for a slice of Baratheon’s Bane or Dornishman’s Revenge? Read more about these pizzas at

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