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August 2013

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Product Spotlight-;August 2013

Peel-a-Deal cards, a salt substitute, pizza carryout bags, soy desserts and sweet treats

The Occasional Vegetarian

As “Meatless Monday” promotions spread around the country, consider adding vegetarian options to your pizzeria menu.

PMQ staffers describe their favorite products from May's NRA Show.

Staff picks include spinach ball toppings, a meal auction service and a solution to smoke problems caused by wood-fired ovens.

How to Minimize Snap-Back

Tom “The Dough Doctor” Lehmann explains how to improve your dough’s pressing properties.

Pizza of the Month: Vegan

Offering vegan pizza options can attract both strict herbivores and meat eaters looking for a tasty—and healthy—change of pace.

Glazed Oranges

Chef Bruno turns sweet Florida oranges into a delightful dessert.

Pizza X uses youth-oriented marketing tactics to dominate delivery in Bloomington, Ind.

Co-owner Jeff Mease has focused on a few core business principles to build a mini-empire in Hoosier country.

Learn how to use your pizza oven to expand your menu and generate blazing-hot profits

Make sure your pizza oven earns its keep in the kitchen by exploring the full range of profitable items it can produce.

From burrata to Brussels sprouts, pizza chefs discuss the hottest specialty toppings in the U.S.

Pepperoni may be America’s most popular pizza topping, but ingredients like spicy sausage, cauliflower and Nutella are making inroads.

Use menu design and creative ingredients to turn your pizzeria into a haven for herbivores.

Vegetarians are deeply loyal customers, and many are looking for a pizzeria that will meet their dietary needs.

Per Diem Rates and Processing Fees

Mike Rasmussen shares expert tips on deducting travel expenses and dealing with credit card processors.
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