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Pear Sorbet

PMQ Test Chef Brian Hernandez prepares a sweet, chilled treat to beat the heat.
2016.07.07 02:46 PM

Burrata Boat

Gino Rago of Panino's Pizza stops by the Pizza Kitchen to make us one of his signature appetizers.
2016.07.06 05:01 PM

The Roni Rita

Test Chef Brian Hernandez shows off his competition pie for the 2016 World Pizza Championships, blending the tastes of American favorites with Italian basics.
2016.07.06 04:48 PM

PMQ's Pizza Kitchen - The Lady Marmalade

The Lady Marmalade - by Lee Hunzinger of Cane Rosso and Zoli's NY Pizza Tavern in Dallas TX.
2016.07.01 10:52 PM

PMQ's Pizza Kitchen: Lee Hunzinger's Wood-Fired Gluten-Free Margherita

Talented chef Lee Hunzinger joins Pizza TV chef Brian Hernandez to demonstrate his recipe for a gluten-free wood-fired pizza Margherita, made from scratch.
2016.06.22 12:29 PM

PizzaTV's Pizza Kitchen - Chef Lee Hunzinger's Meat Stromboli

Lee Hunzinger of Cane Rosso and Zoli's NY Pizza Tavern shares his incredible, flavor-filled meat stromboli recipe with PizzaTV chef Brian Hernandez.
2016.06.15 03:52 PM

PMQ's Kitchen - Artichoke Potato Mushroom Pizza

The Artichoke Potato Mushroom Pie will trick any meat eater into loving a vegetarian pie. With its marinated artichokes, mushrooms marinated in vegetarian Worcestershire sauce and Greek olives, this pie has a savory flavor that will satisfy any carnivore's palate.
2016.05.23 04:42 PM

PMQ's Kitchen - Southwestern Bestern

Chef Brian Hernandez shares a unique recipe that combines great southwestern flavors with your favorite food!
2016.03.03 03:20 PM

Recipe Exclusive: Margherita Pizza with Polselli Classica “00” Flour

Pizza chefs Brian Hernandez and Marco D’emidio demonstrate the unique qualities of Polselli Classica “00” flour and cook up some delicious pies. (Sponsored Content)
2016.02.23 05:41 PM

Recipe Exclusive: Authentic Foods’ Gluten-Free Pizza

Chef Brian prepares an amazing Mushroom, Spinach & Goat Cheese Pizza using Authentic Foods' gluten-free crust mix and a recipe from Patrick Maggi of Pasquale’s Deli. (Sponsored Content)
2016.02.23 02:33 PM

PMQ's Pizza Kitchen - Cheese Pockets

Celebrate National Cheese Day with Pizza TV chef Brian Hernandez as he demonstrates this easy appetizer recipe anyone can make! Visit www.pmq.com/recipebank for more recipe ideas!
2016.01.19 05:29 PM

PMQ's Pizza Kitchen - Grandma Pie w/ Gino Rago

Gino Rago of Panino's in Chicago, Illinois demonstrates his award-winning Grandma Pie utilizing his own line of products, Via Pizzeria 1-2-3.
2016.01.01 01:29 PM

Go for the Dough: Bay State Bouncer

PMQ Chef Brian Hernandez demonstrates how to make a basic pizza dough recipe with Bouncer flour from Bay State Milling.
2016.01.01 11:41 AM

PMQ's Pizza Kitchen - The Pumpkin Pie

Brian Hernandez creates a unique Halloween-themed pizza using pumpkin puree, sweet and savory flavors, and fall colors. Follow along as he creates the Pumpkin Pie.
2015.10.30 09:47 AM

PMQ's Pizza Kitchen - Breakfast Pizza

Chef Brian Hernandez shares an easy-to-make breakfast pizza recipe.
2015.10.20 08:45 AM

PMQ Extra: Wood-Fired Ovens 101

Dutch Van Oostendorp teaches Brian Hernandez the fundamentals of how to work with a wood-fired pizza oven.
2015.09.30 01:23 PM

Cooking with PMQ - Biscoff Cookie Butter

Professional chef, Karen Irby guest stars in the PMQ Pizza Kitchen with two dessert items. A dessert pizza, and S'Mores Calzone using delicious Biscoff Cookie Butter.
2015.09.02 02:10 PM
DeIorio's Fresh Prosciutto Gluten-Free Pizza ">

Cooking with PMQ - DeIorio's Fresh Prosciutto Gluten-Free Pizza

Pizza TV's Brian Hernandez demonstrates the September 2015 Pizza of the Month using Deiorio's gluten-free shells provided by our friends at Deiorio's. Check out the recipe in the September 2015 issue of PMQ, and in our Recipe Bank at www.PMQ.com/recipebank.
2015.08.31 01:14 PM

Cooking with PMQ - Jamie Culliton's Pizza Margherita

Jamie Culliton shows us his classic Pizza Margherita, and demonstrates his baking techniques on a wood-fired oven.
2015.08.18 03:20 PM

Classic Pizza Recipes: Panino's White Clam and Shrimp Pie

The PMQ Recipe of the Month, sponsored by Galbani, is the White Clam and Shrimp Pie by Panino's in Chicago. Join us as Lenny Rago, co-owner, shares the secrets of a great bake.
2015.07.31 01:22 PM
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