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Northeast Gourmet Trials - United States Pizza Team

Congratulations to Bradley Corbin - the winner of the Northeast Gourmet Trials! Now watch how he battled fierce competition, what pizza edged out 19 other competitors.
2017.10.17 11:35 AM

Pizza Magazines Revealed: What They Really Do at PMQ

Hear the story of how PMQ Pizza Magazine started, and some of the inside knowledge and tales from the people who lived it. Celebrating 20 years of the pizza industry's largest publication!
2017.09.28 02:51 PM

The Pizza Kitchen: MFG Trays

Brian Hernandez is back in the Pizza Kitchen with a product demo of MFG Trays. Sponsored Content
2017.09.15 01:54 PM

Celebrity Chef Nick Liberato - Restaurant Advice

Pizza TV's Brian Hernandez gets advice on operating a restaurant from celebrity chef Nick Liberato of Spike TV and The Hallmark Channel.
2017.09.12 08:56 AM

The master plan: How Michael LaMarca strikes the perfect balance between family man and pizza rock star.

The Master Pizza luminary believes no business, no matter how fast it’s growing, should keep a man away from his wife and kids for long.
2017.09.01 03:30 PM

The Wolf Leads the Pack at U.S. Pizza Team's West Coast Trials (With Video)

The People's Choice Award went to Leah Scurto of Pizza My Heart.
2017.08.17 04:33 PM

Taste of the best: Members of the U.S. Pizza Team share 8 mouthwatering competition recipes

Fire up the oven and try out some of the best American entries from the 2017 World Pizza Championship.
2017.08.01 10:08 AM

Rocking the boat: How a couple of landlubbers built a family-friendly “floating food truck” in the Virgin Islands

Pizza Pi VI is more than a pizza boat—it’s the highest-rated restaurant in St. Thomas, according to TripAdvisor.
2017.08.01 10:07 AM

The Pizza Kitchen - The Equalizer® (from Lloyd Pans)

Brian Hernandez demonstrates a slicing device that will give you perfect and equal slices every time. Great for serving size control and nutritional information accuracy! (Sponsored content)
2017.07.24 04:18 PM

The World's Longest Pizza

A dream team of pizzaiolos from all over the globe have broken the Guinness World Record for the World's Longest Pizza!
2017.07.24 03:25 PM

Chef Tony Clark - Jamming with Bacon from TBJ Gourmet

Chef Tony Clark proves that bacon goes with any recipe. Check out his bacon pancakes, beignets, and chocolate soup.
2017.07.20 09:05 AM

Bar Rescue's Brian Duffy - Restaurant Advice

Pizza TV's Brian Hernandez gets advice on operating a restaurant from Brian Duffy of Spike TV's "Bar Rescue."
2017.07.06 03:42 PM

The Pizza Kitchen - Join the Ventless Revolution with AutoFry

Just plug in one of AutoFry's state-of-the-art frying machines and start counting your profits. (Sponsored Content)
2017.06.08 11:22 AM

U S Pizza Team Gets Set for 2017 World Pizza Championship

2017.05.06 12:56 PM

Katie's Pizza & Pasta Osteria

Meet Katie Collier of Katie's Pizza & Pasta in St. Louis Missouri. Read more about Katie's in the PMQ Pizza Magazine May 2017 issue.
2017.04.30 11:46 AM

Nightclub & Bar Show Highlights

PMQ and Pizza TV exhibited at #NCBShow17. Here are some of the highlights from the show floor!
2017.04.26 09:55 AM

The Pizza Kitchen - Ezzo Sausage Co.

Join us in the PMQ Test Kitchen as we explore the pleasures of cup-and-char pepperoni from Ezzo Sausage Co.
2017.04.25 03:08 PM

2016 Pizza Gold Again U.S. Pizza Team

A look back at a year's worth of events with the United States Pizza Team.
2017.04.20 02:51 PM

The Pizza Kitchen - Strawberry & Banana Ciabatta with Nutella®

Join PMQ Pizza Magazine's chef Brian Hernandez as he demonstrates a delicious dessert recipe utilizing ciabatta, Nutella®, and fresh fruit! Sponsored Content
2017.03.24 02:13 PM

Introducing Authentic Wood Fired Crust from Alive & Kickin'

Alive & Kickin’ is proud to announce the arrival of Authentic Wood Fired Crust. This innovative new product means restaurants, manufacturers, and commercial kitchens can now offer a premium authentic wood-fired pizza crust to their customers without needing the wood-fired oven itself. Visit www.akcrust.com/products to learn more. Sponsored Content
2017.03.22 09:51 AM
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