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Pizza Magazines Revealed: What They Really Do at PMQ

Hear the story of how PMQ Pizza Magazine started, and some of the inside knowledge and tales from the people who lived it. Celebrating 20 years of the pizza industry's largest publication!
2017.09.28 02:51 PM

Celebrity Chef Nick Liberato - Restaurant Advice

Pizza TV's Brian Hernandez gets advice on operating a restaurant from celebrity chef Nick Liberato of Spike TV and The Hallmark Channel.
2017.09.12 08:56 AM

The World's Longest Pizza

A dream team of pizzaiolos from all over the globe have broken the Guinness World Record for the World's Longest Pizza!
2017.07.24 03:25 PM

World Series Pizza Wager

The World Series is underway, and pizziaolos from Chicago are pitting their fortunes against pizza masters from Cleveland. Whoever wins the bet will feature Cleveland style products in Chicago pizzerias - or vice-versa!
2016.10.31 05:04 PM

Pizza TV at the 2016 Sofo Restaurant and Foodservice Summit

Pizza TV at the 2016 Sofo Restaurant and Foodservice Summit
2016.09.26 05:15 PM

Dude, Slice of the 80s Won the Pizza Video Oscar!

80s-themed pizzeria uses flashy visuals, mouthwatering pizza shots and fast pacing to take top prize in PMQ’s My Pizza Video Contest
2016.08.12 09:54 AM

Pizza TV at Comic-Con

PizzaTV cruised over to this year's Comic-Con in San Diego and asked convention-goers, "What's your favorite pizza?" You gotta check out the robot lady's answer at the end!
2016.07.24 03:40 PM

PMQ Extra - Daddio Comes Home

PMQ Follows Richard "Daddio" Ames of Daddio's Pizza in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada on a nostalgic journey as he explores his childhood stomping grounds and meets with other pizzeria operators he knows from PMQ's Think Tank Forum.
2015.10.27 11:28 AM

PMQ Extra: Wood-Fired Ovens 101

Dutch Van Oostendorp teaches Brian Hernandez the fundamentals of how to work with a wood-fired pizza oven.
2015.09.30 01:23 PM

PMQ Extra: State of the Pizza Art - PieZons | Pizza TV

As part of PMQ's September 2015 issue focus on Pizza Art, Pizza TV's Brian Hernandez visits Stan Miller at World Famous PieZons in Fulton, MS to create a special pizza for the United States Pizza Team.
2015.08.31 01:20 PM

Foodstyling 101: The Picture-Perfect Pizza

Cookbook author and food stylist Jennifer Chandler shares easy tips for pizzeria operators to take better photos of their pizzas.
2015.08.30 01:05 PM

PMQ Extra - Winning at Losing: Brian's Pizza Diet

Brian Hernandez wraps up his 4 month pizza diet with lessons learned and what he gained and lost.
2015.06.30 02:03 PM

How to create a beer and pizza pairing event

John Arena of Metro Pizza, Tim Younghans of Mama Napoli Pizza and the folks from Wasatch Brewery share how to create a beer and pizza pairing event.
2015.03.17 02:15 PM

PMQ Extra: Taking on the pizza diet

2015.01.27 08:32 PM

Pizza Book Signing

Liz Barrett signs her book Pizza: A Slice of American History in her hometown of Oxford, Miss with Chef Santo Bruno, Ron Shapiro and more guests.
2014.11.25 04:17 PM

PMQ Extra with Tom Feltenstein on menu design

Tom Feltenstein visits City Pizza in Florida to talk menu design for better sales
2014.09.01 09:33 AM

PMQ Ice Bucket Challenge

PMQ accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge from Bradley Corbin and nominate Bradley Johnson and Samantha Jones of Mellow Mushroom Chattanooga, Mayor Pat Patterson of the City of Oxford and Christine Elise McCarthy of Delightful Delicious Delovely food blog. Donations going from PMQ to ALS now! #icebucketchallenge #StrikeOutALS
2014.08.26 02:25 PM

Domenico Crolla - How to make Pizza Portraits

In this live seminar from IBIE 2013, Domenico Crolla reveals the secrets of his pizza portrait art that have made him internationally known. Now you too can generate press and buzz with your own pizza portrait art.
2014.08.19 09:49 AM

PMQ Extra - Slice of Americana Behind The Scenes

A look behind the culinary competition; Brian cooks pizza for the police.
2014.08.01 01:56 AM

PMQ Extra - Jon Taffer and Adam Carolla on Pizza/Beverage Marketing

Jon Taffer, the star of Bar Rescue, offers expert advice on selling more pizza and beverages, while comedian Adam Carolla riffs about Mangria.
2014.06.17 10:25 AM
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