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660 Pizzas Made to Benefit Cancer Association

Spanish Initiative Raised Funds to Bring Joy to Children in Hospitals
2019.05.17 12:35 PM

Internet Commemorates the Man Who Spent Millions Worth of Bitcoin on Pizza

Nine years later, the Bitcoin Pizza Man is still famous.
2019.05.16 05:35 PM

Pizzeria Waiter Returns $424,000 Check to Customer Who Didn’t Tip

Karma has a way of repaying, especially when a waiter is stiffed.
2019.05.15 03:59 PM

Denver Chef Thomas Garnick Wins $15,000 in Real California Pizza Contest

Winners from Chicago and Las Vegas took home $5,000 each in bake-off featuring Real California cheeses.
2019.05.15 11:17 AM

No Means No: Some Pizzerias Feel Violated by Third-Party Delivery

Think Tank users report their menus were posted without their consent.
2019.05.15 10:13 AM

Domino’s Unveils a New Pie: Hawaiian Spaghetti Pizza

This outlandish menu addition has a history in New Zealand.
2019.05.14 01:44 PM

U.S. Pizza Museum to Undergo Renovations, Expand Collection by 100 Pieces

The new collection will better feature the history of pizza in the U.S.
2019.05.14 12:20 PM

Smoking Pizza Billboard Advertisement Sparks Multiple 911 Calls

A marketing blunder turned into a stroke of brilliance.
2019.05.13 12:00 PM

Scottish Restaurant Under Investigation for its Aardvark Pizza

Indian Accent may or may not be serving actual aardvark meat on its pizza.
2019.05.10 03:32 PM

Pie Five Debuts a New Way to Eat Its Scratch-Made Pizza

Fast-casual pizza brand launches three new Calzones systemwide May 14
2019.05.09 06:45 PM

Beto O’Rourke’s Breakfast Pizza Mishap Angers Iowans

Iowans argue that eating pizza for breakfast does not make it a "breakfast pizza."
2019.05.09 06:04 PM

Aurelio’s Pizza Celebrates 60th Anniversary with 60 Minutes of Free Pizza

2019.05.09 03:27 PM

Are Pizza Chains Feeling the Pain from Third-Party Delivery?

Howard Penney blames top pizza chains' sluggish same-store sales on competition from other chains using delivery aggregators.
2019.05.08 11:18 AM

CPK to Host Mother's Day Fundraiser with Heart-Shaped Pizzas

California Pizza Kitchen to host a nationwide fundraiser benefitting March of Dimes Thursday, May 9; Popular Heart-Shaped Pizzas return May 9-12
2019.05.07 04:48 PM

11 Finalists Battle It Out in Real California Pizza Contest

California Milk Advisory Board competition offers cash prizes totaling $25,000.
2019.05.07 01:16 PM

Is John Schnatter Ready to Walk Away from Papa John's Feud?

SEC filing indicates chain founder is looking to sell his shares in the company.
2019.05.07 11:32 AM

Nation's Only Student-Run Pizzeria Shuts Down After Seven Years

Felice's Kitchen closed doors on May 5, 2019.
2019.05.06 04:14 PM

New Jersey Pizzerias Join Statewide Organ Drive Through Pizza Boxes

A statewide organization distributed 15,000 pizza boxes through 30-plus pizzerias in New Jersey.
2019.05.06 03:16 PM

Sweet Potato, Broccoli & Cheddar and Cauliflower Crusts Join the Urban Pie Line-Up

The new flavors will launch in select Midwest retailers this month, with national expansion beginning in July.
2019.05.03 11:11 AM

$50 Half-Eaten Pizza Slice Still for Sale

Kansas man claims pizza once belonged to football quarterback Patrick Mahomes.
2019.05.03 07:14 AM
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