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Pentallect Study: Consumers Show Strong Preference for Independent Restaurants Over Chains

As customer perception improves, independents are forecast to grow at almost double the rate of chains in the remainder of the decade.
2017.05.24 09:40 AM

Pizzeria Locale is Textbook Example of a Successful Pizza-Making Class Promotion

“Dough from Scratch” classes earn TV and online media coverage for chain’s stores in Kansas City area.
2017.05.24 09:08 AM

Tree Falls on a Woman While She’s Eating Pizza

Micki Scott is in critical condition after a freak accident at Punch Pizza in Wayzata, Minnesota.
2017.05.22 12:48 PM

Minneapolis Restaurant Servers Want to be Exempted from Minimum Wage Hike

Without a “tip credit,” tipped employees could end up making less money if the current version of wage hike passes.
2017.05.17 09:11 AM

A Dream Come True: Real Housewives of New Jersey Star Opens a Pizzeria Next Month

Kathy Wakile and her husband, Richie, will launch Pizza Love in Bergen County, with the help of friends who have restaurant experience.
2017.05.17 08:11 AM

A Raw Deal: Customers Can Swap Uncooked Veggies for a Vegetarian Pizza at Franco Manca

The promotion is part of the chain’s celebration of National Vegetarian Week in the U.K.
2017.05.17 08:07 AM

A Surefire Cure for the Folsom Prison Blues: Pizza Delivered to Inmates’ Cells

Tocco’s Chef Bruno Abate teaches pizza-making skills to Cook County Jail detainees.
2017.05.17 08:05 AM

Restaurant Sales Down Again in April, but One Expert Sees Reason For “Cautious Optimism”

Pizza chains saw an overall drop in same-store sales of nearly 2% in the first quarter, but Domino’s surged, thanks to investments in technology.
2017.05.17 08:02 AM

Setting the Mood for Food: “Tasty Tunes” Event Features Choreographed Meals

Customers can eat to the beat at Union restaurant in Pasadena, with tunes ranging from Billy Joel to Prince.
2017.05.17 07:58 AM

Papa John’s Digital Orders Top 60% in First Quarter, While Pizza Hut Needs a $130 Million Boost

Analyst says digital upgrade alone won’t cure Pizza Hut’s woes.
2017.05.10 10:35 AM

Hollywood Pizzeria Serves Cheese Pizza with All-Cheese Crust

Vito Iacopelli of Prova dreamed up the Mo Pizza for customers on a no-carb or gluten-free diet.
2017.05.10 10:27 AM

The Price of Bullying: Why Pizzerias Should Protect Employees from Abusive Conduct on the Job

Bullying isn’t just harmful to your employees—it can do serious damage to your business and financial interests.
2017.05.10 10:18 AM

Domino’s Applet Will Switch on Your Porch Lights when Pizza Is on the Way

Another applet switches off the lawn sprinkler or starts up the robotic vacuum cleaner.
2017.05.10 10:05 AM

New Yorkers Buy Tickets in Advance for a Bite of the “DoughDici” at Sofia Pizza Shoppe

Priced at $38, this one-of-a-kind soufflé-like pizza rises to new heights before its inevitable—and delicious—collapse.
2017.05.03 10:11 AM

Trump Administration Delays Nutritional Labeling Rule for Restaurant Chains

In a victory for some foodservice lobbyist groups, the rule, set to take effect on Wednesday, May 5, will be reviewed and held for another year.
2017.05.03 10:00 AM

Best Dressed Award: What You Wear to a Restaurant Can Determine the Quality of Your Service

Servers expect better tips from customers in more professional-looking clothing, a hospitality industry study finds.
2017.05.03 09:47 AM

It’s Only a Matter of Time: 8 Tips for Handling Time-Off Requests

Running a smooth operation can feel like a Herculean task, but you don’t have to be the son of Zeus to conquer this many-headed monster.
2017.05.03 09:45 AM

Founder of &pizza Calls For Increase to Minimum Wage

Michael Lastoria: Restaurant chains hurt themselves by supporting current wage model.
2017.04.26 09:20 AM

The Inducer: This Pizza Reportedly Sends Pregnant Women into Labor

A pizzeria in Charlotte, N.C. is getting credit for helping bring new babies into the world ahead of schedule.
2017.04.26 09:12 AM

England’s Fattest Town “Descends into Chaos” Over Free Pizza Offer at Domino’s

British tabloids say hungry Brits pushed and shoved each other and ditched their cars to get a spot in line.
2017.04.26 09:08 AM
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