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When Nature Calls: Desperate Customer Requests Bizarre Side Item in Pizza Order

Buddy, can you spare a roll of toilet paper?
2017.03.22 10:24 AM

This One Simple Change Revived Sales for a Struggling Italian Fast-Casual Chain

When Fazoli’s switched from plastic to real plates, customers’ perception of its food quality soared.
2017.03.22 10:07 AM

UK Celebrity Chef’s Startling Confession Inspires Pizza-for-a-Penny Promotion

Mayfair Pizza Company partners with Just Eat app to give penny pies to customers named Mary
2017.03.22 10:01 AM

Digital Food Orders Logged Double-Digit Growth in 2016

Analyst says many consumers consider mobile apps to be a must-have for restaurants.
2017.03.22 09:57 AM

Nashville Shooting Spree Blamed on Pizza with Wrong Toppings

Teens armed with handguns allegedly opened fire on the DB Todd Market
2017.03.17 12:43 PM

Long Beach Pizza Shop Awards Free Dinner to One Lucky Table Every Night

The media-friendly promo celebrates the 13th anniversary of Buono’s Authentic Pizzeria.
2017.03.14 03:21 PM

Pizzeria Paradiso Cuts Its Menu in Half for Day Without a Woman Protest

Owner Ruth Gresser said the limited menu symbolized the limits of a world without half of its population.
2017.03.14 03:19 PM

New Health Care Bill Would Provide Relief for Restaurant Operators

Restaurants with 50 or more fulltime employees would no longer have to provide insurance to those workers.
2017.03.14 03:17 PM

Post-Election, Customers Aren’t Flocking Back to Restaurants as Some Predicted

New survey says 35% of consumers have been eating at home more often in the past 90 days.
2017.03.14 03:14 PM

Hockey Star Fulfills His Childhood Dream of Delivering Pizza (Story with Video)

The Washington Capitals’ Alexander Ovechkin shows up on customers’ doorsteps with Papa John’s pies and appears in a funny new promotional video.
2017.03.08 09:34 AM

Has This High-Tech Company Finally Designed a Better Pizza Box?

Best known for its pizza-making robots, Zume Pizza in Silicon Valley may have a “green” solution to soggy pizza.
2017.03.08 09:30 AM

Ivana Trump’s Other Ex-Husband Hopes to Become Famous for His Pizza

Rossano Rubicondi plans to open Rossano to Go in West Palm Beach with pizzas inspired by his ex-wife and President Trump.
2017.03.08 09:25 AM

Walk This Way: A Few Lucky Pizza Hut Customers Will Be Able to Order Pizza with Their Shoes (Story with Video)

Just for kicks, megachain will release 64 pairs of Bluetooth-enabled Pie Tops, mostly to celebrities and athletes.
2017.03.08 09:22 AM

Toppers Tops the List of Most Popular Pizza Chains in Daily Meal Survey

California Pizza Kitchen and Giordano’s score runner-up positions, with Domino’s at No. 4.
2017.03.07 09:57 PM

Pieology Pizzeria Introduces PieRise Thick Crust

Fast-casual chain has been testing new crust in select markets
2017.03.02 11:08 AM

Inventor of Hawaiian Pizza Thinks President of Iceland is “Crazy”

A Greek man in Canada was the first to top a pizza with pineapples.
2017.03.01 09:18 AM

Virginia Pizzeria Has to Apologize After “Grab Her by the Pizza” Special Backfires

Del Ray Pizzeria says its Trump-inspired pie wasn’t meant to be funny—nor to encourage sexual assault.
2017.03.01 09:15 AM

Pizzeria Partners with Local Pottery Makers to Plate Their Pies

Even the bowls and plates are “local” works of art at Betulla Burning in Prince George, British Columbia.
2017.03.01 09:02 AM

Restaurant Numbers Experience Biggest Decline Since the Great Recession

As diners stay home, America’s total number of restaurants dropped by 2% from the previous year.
2017.03.01 08:59 AM

Common Sense or Heresy? President of Iceland Says He’d Ban Pineapple as Pizza Topping

The politician took a bold stance on a divisive issue, revealing himself to be an unapologetic pineapplist.
2017.02.22 10:24 AM
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