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Pizza and Politics Make Tasty Bedfellows in Pizza Paradiso Promo

Chef Ruth Gresser has created signature pies honoring female Democratic candidates in midterm elections.
2018.10.16 04:22 PM

Forget Pineapple: Pizza Fans Are Tickled by Pickle-Topped Pies

After the Big Dill debuted at Rhino's in New York this summer, an Australia pizza shop has followed suit with Mr. Pickles.
2018.10.15 05:23 PM

URBN Pizza Celebrates 8th Anniversary With Help From a Talented Local Artist

Wylie Schwartz's artwork captures the surreal wonder of seaside living.
2018.10.15 04:09 PM

You'll Have to Show Some ID to Buy This Beer-Infused Pizza

Sano Pizza in Dublin changed their dough formulation to celebrate International Beer and Pizza Day.
2018.10.15 03:21 PM

Little Caesars Franchise Has Given Away More Than 140,000 Slices to the Homeless and Needy

The owners' generosity, which earned coverage on Today.com, has recently extended to a GoFundMe campaign.
2018.10.15 02:59 PM

A Slice of Celebrity: Here Are the Favorite L.A. Pizza Joints of the Superstars

If you ever wondered where Beyonce and Leonardo DiCaprio go for pizza, look no further.
2018.10.10 05:42 PM

Viral Video and Yelp Backlash Deals Harsh Blow to Pizzeria

But in a solid example of PR damage control, the co-owner of a Goodfellas Pizzeria location in Lexington, Kentucky, responded quickly and masterfully to an ugly situation.
2018.10.09 07:51 PM

Pizza Hut Sweetens Its Menu with Cinnabon Mini Rolls

The dessert item can be delivered along with pizzas to customers' doorsteps.
2018.10.09 01:36 PM

Mars Bar Calzone Packs 2,000 Calories and No One Is Complaining

The dessert calzone from a Glasgow pizzeria "hijacks your taste buds and sends them soaring."
2018.10.09 11:00 AM

Blind Taste Test Convinces Food Critic That New York Water Makes Better Pizza

A machine that replicates the Big Apple's water made all the difference for Laura Reiley of the Tampa Bay Times.
2018.10.09 10:15 AM

Move Over, Cap'n Crunch: The Pizza Bowl Is the True Breakfast of Champions

PizzaLuxe in Manchester, England gives pizza lovers a wake-up call.
2018.10.09 09:00 AM

Recipe: Roman-Style Butternut Squash Pizza

The Roman empire strikes back with this delicious recipe from Massimiliano Saieva of the Roman Pizza Academy.
2018.10.03 11:40 AM

Space Oddity: How to Make a Pizza in Zero Gravity (with Video)

When an Italian astronaut on-board the International Space Shuttle craved a slice, NASA delivered all the way into outer space.
2018.10.02 09:06 PM

Harris Poll Survey Says Pizza Is Good for Your Love Life

"Honey, let's order pizza" is one of the sexiest things you can say to your significant other, the survey found.
2018.10.02 04:31 PM

Pizza Topped with Ground Beef, Peanut Butter and Jalapeno Jelly Is a Sticky Treat

The Tavern Sticky pizza, which also features bacon and pepper jack cheese, is getting lots of media attention for the Tavernette.
2018.10.02 10:27 AM

UK Gives Vegan Pizza Its Due in National Pizza Awards Competition

Purezza makes history as the first all-plant-based pizza restaurant to earn a place in the prestigious event.
2018.10.01 11:16 PM

Owner of Champion Pizza Sells 40-Pound Pizza for $2,000

Hakki Akdeniz's gigantic pizza/cheeseburger hybrid will raise funds for those affected by Hurricane Florence in North Carolina.
2018.10.01 10:42 PM

New Yorkers Defend Their Pizza Against Upstart Portland in Tongue-in-Cheek Survey

When Anthony Falco challenged Patch.com to prove that Portland isn't America's greatest pizza city, Falco still came out a winner.
2018.10.01 09:54 PM

Brooklyn Steps Into the Fray as the Battle of the Pop-Up Pizza Museums Intensifies

The Museum of Pizza runs October 13-28 at the William Vale hotel in Williamsburg, New York.
2018.09.25 03:24 PM

Grinders Pizza Is Where People Go to Get Chili Bombed

Every pie at this Kansas City eatery can be topped with a big pile of tater tots, chili and Cheez Whiz.
2018.09.24 07:02 PM
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