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Trump Administration Wants to Make Tip Pooling Legal Again for Restaurants

A rule from the Obama years may finally get laid to rest by the Department of Labor.
2017.07.26 09:37 AM

Kesté Offers All-You-Can-Eat Special Loaded with Artisanal Neapolitan Pizzas

Roberto Caporuscio’s famed pizzeria in Williamsburg, New York, lets customers load up for two hours at a time every day.
2017.07.19 11:02 AM

Gordon Ramsay Made the Ultimate Sacrifice For Charity—He Took a Bite of Pineapple-Topped Pizza

The celebrity chef compared the texture to moose poop and called it “an Italian tragedy.”
2017.07.19 10:58 AM

To Spark Resurgence, Pizza Hut Will Hire 14,000 Drivers Through the Remainder of 2017

The chain will also use a new algorithm to make better predictions of when pizzas will arrive at customers’ doorsteps.
2017.07.19 10:53 AM

Papa John’s Moves into Facebook Ordering with 25% Discount Offer

Customers can use the Facebook Instant Experience to order pizza without ever leaving the app.
2017.07.19 10:39 AM

Pizzeria Locale Raises “Kneaded Dough” for SPCA Shelter in Cincinnati

Fifty percent of every sale will go to the animal shelter when customers mention SPCA Cincinnati at the register.
2017.07.19 10:34 AM

Domino’s Pays Mooving Tribute to Cows with Special Week-Long Offer

For National Cow Week, customers can get 50% off their pizza—on one condition.
2017.07.12 10:33 AM

Domino’s Set to Usurp Pizza Hut as No. 1 Pizza Chain This Year, Industry Analyst Says

Pizza Hut U.S. portrayed as a weak link in the Yum! Brands portfolio in CEO’s statement.
2017.07.12 10:30 AM

How 5 Leading Pizza Brands Got Their Names

Which pizza chain founder’s nickname was inspired by legendary billionaire Howard Hughes?
2017.07.12 10:22 AM

One Mac & Cheese Pizza Wasn’t Enough for Pizza Hut UK, So They Created A BBQ Version

Megachain rolls out two LTO specials designed for kids and kid-food fans alike
2017.07.12 10:16 AM

Recipe: Chef Tony Conte’s Beet Tartare Is Perfect Summer Side Dish

Crafted with beets, mangos and herbs, this specialty dish is as stunning as it is delicious.
2017.07.12 10:13 AM

Robot Waitress Reportedly Helps Double Sales at Pizza Shop in Pakistan

The technology is still shaky, but an Oxford University study suggests that the robot takeover may come sooner than expected.
2017.07.12 10:08 AM

Get Smart About Your Market: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Detailed research on key demographics can help unleash your pizzeria’s profit-making potential.
2017.07.12 10:04 AM

Ugi’s Pizza Insults and Mocks Its Customers—and They Can’t Get Enough of It

This Buenos Aires company found its niche by being the Don Rickles of pizza chains—with rock-bottom prices.
2017.07.04 05:27 PM

Will Domino’s New Dessert Pizza Please Your Sweet Tooth? The Proof’s in the (Chocolate) Pudding

Only available in the UK, the Lotta-Chocca is “a sharing dessert for four, not all for one,” Domino’s spokesperson says.
2017.06.30 12:22 PM

Got a Thing For Ping? Tavolino in New Orleans Brings Back the Genoa Classic (Includes Recipe)

Meat-stuffed olives wow customers at newly opened pizzeria in Big Easy’s Old Algiers neighborhood.
2017.06.28 09:57 AM

8 Steps to Crafting a Better Crust

A leading pizza industry consultant offers guidelines for designing the pizza crust of your dreams.
2017.06.28 09:07 AM

Oh, Gelato! Time to Cool Off with These Amazing Flavors from Nancy Silverton of Pizzeria Mozza

Silverton’s line of artisanal frozen desserts includes flavors like Coconut Stracciatella and Roasted Banana.
2017.06.28 09:00 AM

Summer Recipe: Pear & Goat Cheese Pizza

Goat cheese, honey walnuts and Bartlett pears combine for a flavor-packed but healthy signature pie.
2017.06.27 05:00 PM

Baltimore Restaurant Loses Most of Its Kitchen Staff After ICE Agent Demands to See Their Papers

Fearful of being detained and separated from their families, more than 30 workers quit the Boathouse last week.
2017.06.27 12:19 PM
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