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Food Costs for Restaurants Went Down in 2016, but Labor Costs Jumped Higher

The rise in labor costs more than offset restaurants’ savings from cheaper commodities, according to BDO analysis.
2017.04.12 10:15 AM

Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza Pushes Wine Sales to Boost National Autism Awareness Month

#CheersForACause promo will raise money for the Dan Marino Foundation.
2017.04.12 10:14 AM

We’re Not Making This Up: Cotton Candy Pizza (with Cherry Blossoms) is a Real Thing in Tokyo

German restaurant serves up three-cheese pie topped with pink cotton candy and a drizzle of honey-ginger sauce.
2017.04.05 09:45 AM

5 Ways Pizza Delivery Software Can Keep Your Drivers Safe

The right software can act as an added layer of security for delivery drivers and pizzeria owners.
2017.04.05 09:42 AM

Gordon Ramsay Opens Fire in War on Pineapple Pizza

The TV superchef made it clear where he stands on the controversial fruit topping.
2017.04.05 09:33 AM

Restaurant’s Nuclear Option: Banning Kids Under 5 Led to Surge in Reservations

Kiddy bans are controversial, but NRA says there is no evidence of a trend.
2017.04.05 09:26 AM

Is Revenue-Sharing the Secret to Closing the Wage Gap Between Tipped and Nontipped Restaurant Employees?

Restaurants on the East and West Coasts are experimenting with higher prices and additional fees to boost kitchen workers’ pay.
2017.04.05 09:15 AM

Did This Pizza Chain Try Too Hard to Verify New Employees’ Immigration Status?

Justice Department investigation illustrates thorny problem for restaurants trying to stay on the right side of immigration law.
2017.03.29 09:57 AM

Pizza Replaces Wedding Cake in Ceremonies at &pizza Locations

Washington, D.C. chain turned its stores into pop-up wedding chapels.
2017.03.29 09:38 AM

Pizza Lobbyists Hope to Convince Trump to Repeal or Delay Menu Labeling Rules

The National Restaurant Association supports the rule that requires calorie counts and other nutritional info on restaurant menus.
2017.03.29 09:34 AM

When Nature Calls: Desperate Customer Requests Bizarre Side Item in Pizza Order

Buddy, can you spare a roll of toilet paper?
2017.03.22 10:24 AM

This One Simple Change Revived Sales for a Struggling Italian Fast-Casual Chain

When Fazoli’s switched from plastic to real plates, customers’ perception of its food quality soared.
2017.03.22 10:07 AM

UK Celebrity Chef’s Startling Confession Inspires Pizza-for-a-Penny Promotion

Mayfair Pizza Company partners with Just Eat app to give penny pies to customers named Mary
2017.03.22 10:01 AM

Digital Food Orders Logged Double-Digit Growth in 2016

Analyst says many consumers consider mobile apps to be a must-have for restaurants.
2017.03.22 09:57 AM

Nashville Shooting Spree Blamed on Pizza with Wrong Toppings

Teens armed with handguns allegedly opened fire on the DB Todd Market
2017.03.17 12:43 PM

Long Beach Pizza Shop Awards Free Dinner to One Lucky Table Every Night

The media-friendly promo celebrates the 13th anniversary of Buono’s Authentic Pizzeria.
2017.03.14 03:21 PM

Pizzeria Paradiso Cuts Its Menu in Half for Day Without a Woman Protest

Owner Ruth Gresser said the limited menu symbolized the limits of a world without half of its population.
2017.03.14 03:19 PM

New Health Care Bill Would Provide Relief for Restaurant Operators

Restaurants with 50 or more fulltime employees would no longer have to provide insurance to those workers.
2017.03.14 03:17 PM

Post-Election, Customers Aren’t Flocking Back to Restaurants as Some Predicted

New survey says 35% of consumers have been eating at home more often in the past 90 days.
2017.03.14 03:14 PM

Hockey Star Fulfills His Childhood Dream of Delivering Pizza (Story with Video)

The Washington Capitals’ Alexander Ovechkin shows up on customers’ doorsteps with Papa John’s pies and appears in a funny new promotional video.
2017.03.08 09:34 AM
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