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Researchers in Naples Are Struggling to Build a Robot That Can Make Pizza From Scratch

RoDyMan the pizza-bot has bendable arms, hands and fingers, but it can’t stretch dough without tearing it.
2017.08.16 10:13 AM

Chuck E. Cheese Is One Company That's Hiring Real People and Firing Robots

Animatronic band is nowhere to be seen at remodeled location in Stone Oak, Texas.
2017.08.14 06:09 PM

Mississippi Pizzeria Is One of Two Named to Bon Appetit’s List of 50 Best New Restaurants

Saint Leo in Oxford, Mississippi, made the cut, along with Washington, D.C.’s Timber Pizza Company
2017.08.12 10:00 AM

Facebook Algorithm Now Penalizes Businesses For Slow-Loading Website Links

Forty percent of website visitors will abandon your site after a three-second loading delay, the company notes.
2017.08.11 10:55 AM

This Deaf Domino’s Driver Delivered Customer’s Pizza On Foot After His Car Broke Down

GoFundMe campaign page describes Benjamin Houston as a “bright light” in a scary world.
2017.08.10 10:49 AM

Pizza Is the Official Food of One-Night Stands for Millennials

Yelp survey finds that if you’re not into pizza, your dream date is probably not into you.
2017.08.09 09:30 AM

Papa John’s Warns Gluten-Free Customers: Don’t Try Our Gluten-Free Pizza

One advocate for people with celiac disease said the company wants to cash in on the “gluten-free craze in an inauthentic way.”
2017.08.09 09:27 AM

Danish Swimsuit Model Likes to Take Nude Pics of Herself While She’s Waiting for Pizza

Sports Illustrated swimwear model Nina Agdal uses pizza emojis to keep the photos in good taste.
2017.08.09 09:22 AM

Little Caesars Will Roll Out New Self-Serve Stations Nationwide in 2018

The automated Pizza Portal allows customers to bypass human interaction entirely.
2017.08.09 09:14 AM

Sweet, Sour and Fruity: Millennials Are More Likely to Order This Type of Craft Beer Than Any Other

Fruit-flavored brews are taking off, especially among the age 21-34 crowd, according to research by Mintel.
2017.08.09 09:07 AM

Antonio’s Pizzeria Serves Family Meal Deals to Celebrate its 60th Anniversary

For less than $20, the meals can serve a family of four people.
2017.08.09 09:00 AM

Cheesecake Factory’s Pasta Napoletana Named Worst-For-You Meal of 2017

The Center for Science in the Public Interest also bestowed a special “award” on Domino’s for helping block the FDA’s nutritional labeling rule.
2017.08.02 11:05 AM

Look! Up in the Sky! Gotham City Pizza Is Letting Its Geek Flag Fly

Customers can take the Infinity Gauntlet Challenge and eat Joker-themed pies under the watchful eye of Batman at this new beach-town pizzeria.
2017.08.02 10:56 AM

Pizza Hut Launches New Loyalty Program with Unlimited Points

Hut Rewards offers two points for every dollar spent online.
2017.08.02 10:51 AM

Your Prayers for Pizza-Proof Lipstick Have At Last Been Answered!

This young woman tested a low-priced lipstick to see if it can stand up against the cheesy, greasy goodness of pizza.
2017.08.02 10:48 AM

Restaurant Traffic Remained Weak in the Last Quarter, and NPD Group Says It’s the Operators’ Own Fault

Offering “too much price, not enough value,” many restaurants aren’t giving customers what they want, according to one analyst.
2017.08.02 10:44 AM

The Pizza Nazi Strikes Again: Whitney Aycock Runs Afoul of the National Park Service

Aycock has to shut down Slice O’ Whit’s in Riis Park after complaints of profanity-laced music and lewd paintings on his restaurant door.
2017.08.02 10:40 AM

The Right Angle: How to Portion Out the Perfect Amount of Pizza Sauce Every Time

No scale is required for this highly effective method of saucing a pizza without adding too much or too little.
2017.08.02 10:31 AM

With LeBron James On the Team, Blaze Pizza is the Fastest-Growing Restaurant Chain in History

The NBA superstar walked away from a $14 million deal with McDonald’s to focus on Blaze Pizza—and the payoff has been tremendous.
2017.07.26 09:53 AM

Study: Blue Apron Has a ‘Sticky’ Problem—It Struggles to Retain Its Customers

An Emory University professor says the meal-kit company is losing ground, but Wall Street analysts think it’s worth the risk.
2017.07.26 09:49 AM
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