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Article Archive

1944: The New York Times discovers pizza

First articles mentioning pizza date back to September 20, 1944
2015.04.14 12:05 PM

Italian pizza makers are seeing red over McDonald's ad

Italian chefs enraged over McDonald's latest advertising stunt
2015.04.14 09:58 AM

Pizzerias taking advantage of new state law allowing beer deliveries

New Pennsylvnia license, available since January, permits same-time delivery of pizza, beer
2015.04.13 03:00 PM

11 pizza styles you need to know about

From Bar Pizza to Wisconsin style, vital knowledge for pizza experts
2015.04.13 01:18 PM

Restaurant owner leaves message for dumpster diver

Free Pb&J offered to hungry trash inspector
2015.04.13 12:46 PM

PMQ Pizza Roundup for April 10

Pepperoni pizza fries, pizza party-winning third-graders, Scrubs buddies making pies for gay weddings and mushroom pizzas that cost $600 a piece highlight this week's PMQ Pizza Roundup
2015.04.10 03:36 PM

Two of the Supremes auctioned for $1,200 – Deluca’s truffle pizzas benefit children's hospital

Naples-trained pizza maker says pizza, kids with cancer, are his passions
2015.04.09 02:54 PM

Perfect alarm clock orders pizza and counts down its arrival

Device tracks delivery time in pizza lovers dream
2015.04.09 12:32 PM

Gravina brings Roman-style pizza to Connecticut

Native Italian Nunzio DeTommaso, offers authentic Roman slices in Cos Cob
2015.04.08 04:30 PM

Pepperoni pizza fries are the snack hybrid of your dreams

Carl's Jr. is appealing to pizza bros
2015.04.08 03:30 PM

Pizaro’s Pizza brings Neapolitan-style pies to Houston

Hutchinson family opens new, updated pizzeria seating 80
2015.04.08 12:50 PM

Homemade pizza made easier and faster

Tips and tricks for a more efficient method to make homemade pizza
2015.04.07 04:03 PM

Mansfield Christian 3rd-grader wins pizza party

Ohio student draws her way to free pizza for her class
2015.04.07 10:30 AM

Invasion of the quick-fired pizza

Assembly line-style pizzerias are the next big thing in the pizza industry
2015.04.07 10:11 AM

Zach Braff And Donald Faison will make pizzas for your gay wedding in Indiana

Holywood responds to Indiana Pizzeria's stand against gay marriage with offer to pitch pies
2015.04.06 03:58 PM

PMQ Pizza Roundup for April 3

Pizzeria pot busts, 3D printed pizzas delivered by drones, Seattle wage wars, Indiana same-sex Memories and Pizza Hut menu misfires highlight this week's PMQ Pizza Roundup
2015.04.02 03:08 PM

Shakespeare's Pizza to relocate in downtown Columbia, Mo., location

Favorite pizzeria of Mizzou students changes location, retains look
2015.04.02 11:47 AM

Urban Pizza tosses its pie into the create-your-own-pizza ring

Fast-casual pizzeria is newest entrant in California's made-to-order pizza universe
2015.04.02 11:07 AM

Army drones to deliver 3D printed pizzas to forward operating bases

U.S. troops may soon munch on space-age printed pizzas instead of MREs
2015.04.02 10:21 AM

Pizza Hut menu additions failing to generate additional sales

Awareness deficit blamed for lagging Pizza Hut profits
2015.04.01 02:20 PM
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