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Rebranded Pizzeria Hasn't Forgotten Its Corn-Dog Roots

In the first of three eating contests this winter, Otis Pizzeria will challenge competitors to wolf down Pronto Pups, not pies.
2019.01.22 05:38 PM

Sam's Club Debuts Massive Meatball Pizza for Super Bowl Parties

The pizza reportedly weighs four pounds, one-fourth of which is all meatballs.
2019.01.22 04:56 PM

Jimmy's Gives Away Pizza to City Workers in Massive Snow Storm

The Troy, New York pizzeria's Facebook post was shared more than 2,000 times.
2019.01.22 04:05 PM

Wild Slice Pizzeria Offers Free Pies to Furloughed Government Employees and Family Members

Word about the offer has been spread by local TV and radio stations, providing a free PR boost for the Roswell, Georgia pizzeria.
2019.01.22 03:37 PM

Round Table Pizza Makes Queen Elizabeth a Cheeky, Cheese-Laden Offer

If the queen gives pizza a try in 2019, Round Table customers can enjoy a personal pie for free.
2019.01.18 10:58 AM

Appeals Court Rules Domino's Must Make App, Website Accessible to the Blind

The three-judge panel reversed an earlier ruling by a Pasadena court.
2019.01.17 03:37 PM

Kate Middleton Reveals Her One of Her Favorite Pizza Toppings

And now we know why the future King of England fell in love with her.
2019.01.16 09:00 AM

New Pizza Vending Machine Sells 400 Pies in a Week at Ohio State

The Pizza ATM comes stocked with cheese and pepperoni varieties for hungry Buckeyes.
2019.01.16 08:30 AM

Culinary Visions Study Shows Customers Intrigued by Cannabis Ingredients in Food

Nearly 50 percent of consumers are interested in trying cannabis-infused baked goods.
2019.01.15 04:51 PM

More Pizzerias Reach Out to Help Furloughed Government Workers

D'Allesandro's in Charleston, S.C. is the latest to deliver free pizzas to TSA workers.
2019.01.15 01:06 PM

Derrick Tung's 4 Simple Rules for Ordering Pizza

The owner of Paulie Gee's Logan Square shares some tips for choosing the perfect pizza toppings.
2019.01.15 12:36 PM

It's Both Delivery and DiGiorno in Pittsburgh Football Promo

The frozen-pizza brand delivered more than 130 pies this weekend in celebration of the NFL playoffs.
2019.01.15 11:22 AM

Canadian Air Traffic Controllers Ordering Pizzas for American Counterparts

Canadians want to show their solidarity with American controllers being forced to work without pay during the government shutdown.
2019.01.14 04:12 PM

Pizza Maker in Jersey Bird-Boxes a Pie in Under Three Minutes

Tim Enad took the "Bird Box Challenge" at Piazza Orsillo and nailed it.
2019.01.10 01:47 PM

Pot Noodle Pizza Has Proletarian Appeal in the UK

The pizzas from Johnny Dough's feature a budget-friendly snack product popular with college students, but the recipes are fairly artisanal.
2019.01.10 01:15 PM

U.S. Pizza Team Acrobatic Trials to be Featured on ESPN Networks for the First Time

Some of the country's top dough spinners will compete in the popular freestyle acrobatics event in Columbus, Ohio.
2019.01.09 12:55 PM

Domino's Australia Debuts Super-Sized Pizza That's Too Large for Delivery

Available only for carryout, The Big One is supposedly too big to fit through a "standard doorway."
2019.01.08 10:50 PM

One Cheeky Tweet Scores Invaluable Free PR for Lou Malnati's

A playful wager over cheesesteak vs. pizza put the Chicago pizza chain in front of more than 300,000 NBC Sports Philadelphia followers on Twitter.
2019.01.07 04:52 PM

Pizzerias Show Support for Government Workers During Shutdown

Some restaurants are giving away free pies to government employees who have been furloughed or forced to work without pay.
2019.01.07 12:12 PM

Pizza Hut Boosts Its Beer Delivery Program as Super Bowl Approaches

Pizza Hut restaurants in seven states will be able to deliver beer starting this month.
2019.01.07 10:42 AM
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