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Pizzeria Owners Can Get Invaluable Exposure on National TV by Competing in the Next USPT Acrobatic Trials

The competition, open to pizzeria owners, managers and employers around the country, will be broadcast live on ESPN3 April 28.
2019.04.03 11:12 AM

This Model Turned Med Student Is Hungry to Prove Herself in Eating Competitions

Nela Zisser recently inhaled a yard-long pizza in less than five minutes.
2019.04.01 05:32 PM

Mikey's Late Night Slice Takes April Fool's Day One Toke Over the Line

Mikey Sorboro and his team of pranksters tout marijuana-topped pizzas, such as the Potpperoni and the Heady Heady Hella-Dank Italian Sausage.
2019.04.01 04:26 PM

New Pie Developed by Middle Schoolers Wins Local Contest for Pizza Joe's

A group of fifth- and sixth-graders came up with the Italian Philly Steak pizza, a winner in the Mahoning Valley Pizza Cookoff.
2019.04.01 01:00 PM

Hot Dog Pizza: Wienie Noveau is Haute Cuisine in France

Domino's introduces several Americanized pizzas to finicky French palates.
2019.03.27 04:14 PM

Outta Hand Pizza Makes Sure No Veteran Gets Left Behind at Mealtime

When a veteran couldn't afford a slice, Burim Regjaj enlisted the community of Westfield, New Jersey, to help.
2019.03.26 11:08 AM

Papa John’s Releases Marmite Stuffed Crust Pizza

Offer is exclusive to the United Kingdom, to nobody's surprise.
2019.03.26 10:54 AM

Domino's In-Car Ordering App Poses Another Challenge to Independent Pizzeria Owners

Chain says its latest AnyWare app will be "automatically loaded on millions of cars" starting later this year.
2019.03.26 10:36 AM

NPD Group Predicts Pizza Sales Will Top $47 Billion in 2019

U.S. foodservice outlets sold a total of 5.1 billion pizza servings in 2018, the research firm reports.
2019.03.26 09:00 AM

Chuckles and Cheese Make a Tasty Blend at Pizzeria-Comedy Club in Nashville

Gino's East & The Comedy Bar, located on 3rd Avenue in Nashville, will feature Gino's signature #DeepAF pizza.
2019.03.22 11:03 AM

Papa John’s Hopes to Bounce Back With Shaq Attack

The NBA legend signed an endorsement deal and will serve on the beleaguered chain's board.
2019.03.22 10:32 AM

Hit the Road, Pepper Jack: Study Suggests Music Makes Cheese Taste Different

Led Zeppelin and Mozart have a mellowing effect, while hip-hop pumps up the flavor.
2019.03.21 04:55 PM

Missed It? See the All-Pizza “Chopped” Episode

"Chopped" episode features Vincent Rotolo, John Arena, Giulio Adriani and Nino Coniglio.
2019.03.21 05:30 AM

Vampires Beware: FoodBeast and the Pizza Press Premiere the Extra-Stinky Garlic Pizza

This aromatic pie features two whole heads of garlic and is part of a package that includes an overnight stay at the Anaheim Hotel.
2019.03.20 01:32 PM

Expert Opinions: Top Chefs Reveal Their Favorite Pizza Chains

Yes, executive chefs like Wolfgang Puck at Hotel Bel-Air's Hugo Bolanos dig the big chains, too.
2019.03.20 01:07 PM

Talia di Napoli: How to Wake Up a Sleeping Pizza

This company ships flash-frozen pizzas from Naples to anywhere in the world.
2019.03.20 12:06 PM

Three Top Pizza Chains Roll Out LTO Specials for March Madness Month

Domino's, Pizza Hut and Little Caesars will try to capture a bigger piece of the pie this month, but independent pizzeria owners can fight back.
2019.03.18 04:51 PM

Pizzerias Named After Tony Abound in New Jersey

Data scientist says majority of Garden State residents live within a 15-minute drive of a Tony-named pizza shop.
2019.03.18 01:17 PM

Little Caesars Builds Wall of Bacon Around Deep Dish Pizza

The Bacon-Wrapped Deep! Deep! Dish pizza features 3 1/2 feet of thick-cut bacon.
2019.03.18 12:45 PM

France’s Top Ten Most Beautiful Pizzas

Finalists await votes from the public.
2019.03.15 10:37 AM
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