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Born to blog: Introducing several new bloggers for PMQ.com

Bruce Irving of Smart Pizza Marketing and Milvian Prieto of NJ Pizza Girls have joined the PMQ ranks of expert bloggers.
2017.03.01 08:19 AM

Online restaurant reviews: Don’t feed the trolls!

Mikey’s Late Night Slice knows how to deal with haters—“kill them with kindness or logic them to death,” says co-owner Jason Biundo.
2017.01.10 02:34 PM

Peace, Goodwill and Pizza

We at PMQ never cease to be impressed by the generosity of the pizza industry during the holiday season.
2016.12.01 03:12 PM

Thea Goldman: A Focus On the Delightful

Thea Goldman’s genuine interest in her customers as actual people—not butts in seats—makes her an appealing figure in the pizzeria industry.
2016.11.01 01:43 PM

Meet the (deeply flawed) king of Asteroids, circa 1981

With arcade games making a comeback in pizzerias, our editor recalls his days as an Asteroids master who couldn’t stand to lose.
2016.09.30 03:07 PM

It’s time to rediscover your inner nerd, pizza people

Some of the best pizza marketing strategies come from unapologetic nerds who build promotions around their passions
2016.06.10 08:41 AM

Dodo Pizza’s bold experiment

This Russian upstart in Oxford, Mississippi, is turning into a fascinating case study that all pizzeria operators can learn from
2016.04.29 01:08 PM

The little things can hurt you

A lack of online ordering cost one hometown pizzeria our editor’s business—possibly for a long time
2016.04.01 08:31 AM

How to make friends with millennials

What’s the one trait that makes millennials different from previous generations? (Hint: It’s not just their mobile devices.)
2016.03.01 07:55 AM

How to make 2016 a year to remember

Use the PMQ Marketing Calendar to turn 2016 into your most profitable year ever.
2016.01.11 10:41 AM

Don’t become a political casualty in 2016

You’ve got every right to speak your mind about politics to the press, but you may pay a steep price in lost business.
2015.12.01 08:38 AM

Worried about nutritional labeling? Don’t fear the calorie counters

Since he started trying to lose weight, PMQ editor-in-chief Rick Hynum has actually been spending more, not less, at one of his favorite local pizzerias.
2015.10.01 08:47 AM

Welcoming Groupon to the U.S. Pizza Team

With the backing of this highly respected global brand, the Groupon U.S. Pizza Team will soon become a name that will resonate with the public.
2015.09.28 10:05 AM

Pizzeria operators have to change with the times to succeed.

Too many pizzeria owners still don’t have a POS system—and they’re losing money because of it.
2015.07.31 09:19 AM

The Russians are coming—and bringing pizza with them!

Fedor Ovchinnikov, founder of Russian pizza chain Dodo Pizza, has become a leading light of capitalism in his homeland.
2015.06.01 08:10 AM

Pizza isn’t just delicious—it’s also good for you.

PMQ can’t stop the media’s negative coverage of pizza, but we will empower our readers with more accurate information.
2015.05.01 07:48 AM

Is It Time to Overhaul Your Stone Age Website?

If your pizzeria struggles to attract new customers and boost sales, take a second look at your online marketing strategy.
2015.04.01 08:40 AM

Dreamers and Risk-Takers

It takes courage to admit to one’s mistakes, but it takes even more guts to talk openly about one’s failures in the pizza business.
2015.03.01 10:53 AM

Marketing is Still Our Middle Name

With a new design, larger type and an enhanced focus on marketing, PMQ Pizza Magazine is set for a banner year in 2015.
2015.01.02 01:03 PM

The World Needs Justice Slice

PMQ designer Eric Summers puts a cool pizza twist on an iconic superhero image for the 2015 Pizza Power Report.
2014.11.28 10:28 PM
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