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Gift cards can pose complications on your tax returns, depending on to whom you give them.

Gift card donations to fundraisers and charities are tax-deductible, but the IRS has different rules when it comes to cards for your employees.
2015.07.31 09:19 AM

An IRS extension doesn’t grant you more time to pay your taxes, says accountant Michael Rasmussen.

If you can’t pay your taxes in full by the due date, try applying for an Online Payment Agreement.
2015.06.01 08:10 AM

Automatic gratuities can lead to tax woes, according to accountant Michael Rasmussen.

The IRS may be suspicious of any failure to record automatic tips as part of the total sale in your POS records.
2015.05.01 07:48 AM

Be on the Lookout for Letters From the IRS

Lost or ignored correspondence from federal or state taxing agencies could lead to an audit.
2015.04.01 08:40 AM

Labor violations can put pizzerias out of business

The IRS isn’t the only government agency keeping tabs on your pizza restaurant. Beware the wrath of the DOL!
2015.03.01 10:53 AM

“Units of Property” method could prevent problems with IRS

Any restaurant building owner who plans to write off building-related expenses in 2014 should adopt this IRS-recommended accounting method.
2015.01.02 01:03 PM

How to cure the pain of plate costing

To reduce expenses, pizzeria operators should break their food costs down to a per-ingredient basis.
2014.11.28 10:28 PM

Hiring a Tech-Savvy Student Intern

College interns can help pizzeria operators use new technologies to boost sales and profits.
2014.10.31 12:50 PM

Is your data secure in the “Cloud”?

Don’t turn over your data for offsite storage without first asking the provider these four key questions about security.
2014.10.01 06:54 AM

Don’t throw away those credit card receipts

The IRS encourages electronic documentation, but a lack of paper receipts can still lead to tax audit headaches.
2014.08.31 06:31 PM

Beware of hidden fees in bundled POS deals

Credit card processing costs may outweigh apparent savings in some point-of-sale solutions.
2014.08.01 01:31 AM

Donating used items to charity

Know the rules for claiming deductions on used equipment, food and vehicles.
2014.07.30 02:42 PM

Tax law changes could help pizzerias

Senate EXPIRE Act would extend tax breaks for restaurant improvements, charitable deductions and more.
2014.06.01 08:45 AM

Bridging the Communication Gap

Control costs and increase profits by requiring chefs and accountants to learn each other’s languages.
2014.04.30 10:24 PM

How the IRS’ new tipping rule will impact your pizza business.

Two pizza industry accountants look at the IRS rule in detail and offer tips for remaining in good standing with the government.
2014.04.01 08:41 AM

Calculating Your True Pie Costs

With up-to-date records on true costs for every menu item, pizzeria operators can control their expenses and boost their profits.
2014.02.26 12:28 PM

Accounting for your money: boosting the value of your pizzeria

An easy-to-duplicate, turnkey operational system makes your pizzeria more attractive to buyers.
2013.12.29 12:47 PM

The Next-Day Financial Scorecard

Your key advisers can help you develop tools to evaluate and boost your pizzeria’s performance on a daily basis.
2013.11.23 01:24 PM

The Value of Real-Time Data Reporting

Progressive restaurateurs are taking advantage of technology that generates important financial data on a daily basis.
2013.10.30 07:23 PM

Finding the Perfect Accountant

Look for an accountant or accounting firm that uses a highly refined system for data reports and delivery.
2013.09.29 02:55 PM
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