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Expand your menu with these new, crowd-pleasing signature appetizers

Jeff Zeak explains how to create moneymaking appetizers using your everyday dough formulation.
2014.08.31 06:31 PM

Extending Mozzarella's Shelf Life

Jeff Zeak offers tips for making fresh mozzarella last longer without losing flavor.
2013.11.24 03:19 PM

Making the Most of Mozzarella

Jeff Zeak explains how to manage your mozzarella supply.
2013.08.29 08:38 PM

To Cook or Not to Cook?

Jeff Zeak explores the controversy over cooked vs. uncooked pizza sauces.
2013.04.16 11:25 AM

Reducing Salt Levels in Dough

Jeff Zeak offers tips on lowering sodium content without sacrificing flavor.
2012.11.02 12:26 PM

Grit, par-baking and bread loaves

Jeff Zeak answers some common pizza-making questions.
2012.03.01 09:54 PM

Flavorful focaccia

Jeff Zeak takes you through a unique recipe for focaccia bread.
2011.10.10 10:00 AM

Time to ferment

Improperly mixed yeast is the leading cause of dough problems; get the fix from PMQ’s resident dough experts.
2011.06.06 11:00 AM

On a roll

Jeff Zeak discusses lengthening the life of your dough.
2011.05.05 10:00 AM

Changing of the crust

Dough scientist Jeff Zeak explores the world of alternative crusts.
2011.03.03 11:00 AM

Garlic knots, recipe testing and dough to go

Jeff Zeak gives a recipe for garlic knots, and shares his opinions on testing and selling dough.
2010.10.10 10:00 AM

Zeak's tweaks: biscuit crust

Jeff Zeak provides a recipe for a biscuit-based breakfast pizza crust.
2010.05.01 10:00 AM
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