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Leading pizza makers share tips for creating perfect pies with wood- and coal-fired ovens

Check out these expert tips and learn how wood- and coal-fired pizza ovens provide a strong marketing advantage to pizzerias.
2014.04.30 10:24 PM

An expert offers suggestions for tapping into the power of Yelp.

Love them or hate them, crowdsourced reviews are here to stay, and pizzeria operators must learn to live with them—and capitalize on them.
2014.04.01 08:42 AM

Topping a pizza requires consistency and precision to maximize customer satisfaction.

Dan Risner of PizzaSkool offers tips for prepping, topping and creating the perfect pizza.
2014.02.27 11:26 AM

Take advantage of these amazing new technologies to create a clean, spotless restaurant for your guests

New technologies include hands-free systems, nanotechnology-powered, self-cleaning surfaces and chemical-free cleaners.
2013.12.29 12:56 PM

Keep your employees safe and protect your assets with a proactive approach to security

Follow this multipronged approach to restaurant security and deter fraud, employee theft and, most importantly, break-ins and violent crimes.
2013.11.24 03:19 PM

Choose the right piece of equipment for the right type of pizza

Learn more about the most common types of dough equipment—and how they can make or break a pizza operation.
2013.09.29 06:48 PM

Learn how to design and promote your own app for maximum success

Apps for mobile devices are quickly becoming a must-have marketing tool for pizzerias.
2013.08.28 08:29 PM

Learn how to use your pizza oven to expand your menu and generate blazing-hot profits

Make sure your pizza oven earns its keep in the kitchen by exploring the full range of profitable items it can produce.
2013.07.23 02:57 PM

Cutting-edge POS systems are working smarter and harder for you and your customers

Today’s POS models help operators streamline online and call-in ordering, simplify loyalty programs and monitor food costs.
2013.05.22 09:16 AM

New mobile technologies allow guests to pay for their meals without having to turn over their credit cards

Pay-at-table systems help alleviate customers’ concerns about identity theft and fraud.
2013.04.17 10:31 AM

Keep your cool and boost your bottom line with energy-efficient refrigeration equipment

Eco-friendly refrigeration helps the environment and saves money on your electric bill.
2013.03.19 11:06 AM

Digital signage can have a huge impact on your pizzeria's sales and may be the future of in-store marketing

With the right content and placement, digital signage can solidify your brand and draw a slew of new customers.
2013.02.19 10:21 AM

Keep your new pizzeria operation working at peak levels by choosing the right equipment

From ovens and POS systems to sheeters and washware, PMQ offers a list of the basic equipment required for any pizza restaurant.
2013.01.03 04:46 PM

Create a Cleaner Restaurant Environment Through Strict Controls, No-Touch Equipment

In the war on germs, pizzeria operators utilize best practices and the latest hygiene and sanitation technologies.
2012.11.29 09:17 AM

Metal Gear

Our overview of must-have metalware helps you make the right decisions for your pizzeria.
2012.11.02 10:55 AM
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