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Has This High-Tech Company Finally Designed a Better Pizza Box?

Best known for its pizza-making robots, Zume Pizza in Silicon Valley may have a “green” solution to soggy pizza.
2017.03.08 09:30 AM

Ivana Trump’s Other Ex-Husband Hopes to Become Famous for His Pizza

Rossano Rubicondi plans to open Rossano to Go in West Palm Beach with pizzas inspired by his ex-wife and President Trump.
2017.03.08 09:25 AM

Walk This Way: A Few Lucky Pizza Hut Customers Will Be Able to Order Pizza with Their Shoes (Story with Video)

Just for kicks, megachain will release 64 pairs of Bluetooth-enabled Pie Tops, mostly to celebrities and athletes.
2017.03.08 09:22 AM

Toppers Tops the List of Most Popular Pizza Chains in Daily Meal Survey

California Pizza Kitchen and Giordano’s score runner-up positions, with Domino’s at No. 4.
2017.03.07 09:57 PM

Pieology Pizzeria Introduces PieRise Thick Crust

Fast-casual chain has been testing new crust in select markets
2017.03.02 11:08 AM

Inventor of Hawaiian Pizza Thinks President of Iceland is “Crazy”

A Greek man in Canada was the first to top a pizza with pineapples.
2017.03.01 09:18 AM

Virginia Pizzeria Has to Apologize After “Grab Her by the Pizza” Special Backfires

Del Ray Pizzeria says its Trump-inspired pie wasn’t meant to be funny—nor to encourage sexual assault.
2017.03.01 09:15 AM

Pizzeria Partners with Local Pottery Makers to Plate Their Pies

Even the bowls and plates are “local” works of art at Betulla Burning in Prince George, British Columbia.
2017.03.01 09:02 AM

Restaurant Numbers Experience Biggest Decline Since the Great Recession

As diners stay home, America’s total number of restaurants dropped by 2% from the previous year.
2017.03.01 08:59 AM

Common Sense or Heresy? President of Iceland Says He’d Ban Pineapple as Pizza Topping

The politician took a bold stance on a divisive issue, revealing himself to be an unapologetic pineapplist.
2017.02.22 10:24 AM

Food Truck’s Trump-Inspired Pizza—Complete with Breadstick “Wall”—Sparks Controversy

The controversial “Border Wall Pizza” Is half Mexican taco and half Chicken Cheetos.
2017.02.22 10:19 AM

8 Hilarious (and Heartwarming) Ways Galactic Pizza Fights for Truth, Justice and the American Pie

In Minneapolis, you can get your pizza delivered by costumed crusaders with names like Captain Awesome, Shark Girl and the Veggie Adventurer.
2017.02.22 10:09 AM

This Pizza Man’s Heartfelt Gesture Became a Promo Heard ‘Round the Nation

To help heal a divided country, a pizzeria in Long Island lets customers “pay it forward.”
2017.02.22 09:58 AM

Body Language: Teach Your Servers These 6 Strategies to Increase Their Tips

Body language expert Jodi RR Smith explains how our bodies naturally communicate with guests and vice versa.
2017.02.15 10:27 AM

Uber CEO Says Robots Will Deliver Food in Self-Driving Cars in Near Future

Travis Kalanick: “At some point there’s going to be a humanoid that crawls up your stairs … and hands you your pizza.”
2017.02.15 09:46 AM

Fake-News Conspiracy Theorists Target Yet Another Pizzeria with Bizarre Accusations

Without evidence, Pizzagate believers are reportedly harassing the beloved Pizza Brain in Philadelphia.
2017.02.15 09:43 AM

Little Caesars Founder Mike Ilitch Died at 87

Ilitch was one of the titans of pizza and also owned two pro sports teams in Detroit.
2017.02.15 09:30 AM

KFC Customers Cry “Fowl!” Over Pizza Made with Fried-Chicken Crust

One reviewer says the Chizza looks like “puke in a box.”
2017.02.15 09:19 AM

Domino’s Creates Wedding Registry Packed with Deals for New Couples

E-Gift cards are available for 11 pizza packages.
2017.02.15 09:15 AM

Italy’s Celebrity Pizza Maker Could Spark Rise of a New Roman Empire in U.S.

Hailed as the “Michelangelo of Pizza,” Gabriele Bonci’s arrival is a Roman-style game-changer.
2017.02.08 08:32 AM
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