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PMQ Pizza roundup for January 30

Super Bowl pizza news and all the pizza happenings worldwide from Kansas City, Kansas, to Punjab, India
2015.01.30 02:27 PM

Oscars pizza delivery man reflects on life one year after Ellen DeGeneres' dinner order for the stars

Edgar Martirosyan, 31-year-old owner of the Mama’s & Papa’s pizzeria, was one of the most famous men on the planet thanks to Ellen DeGeneres
2015.01.30 01:00 PM

UC Berkeley organization claims Domino's Pizza exploits rape of cows

Students protest Domino's Pizza box design thanking dairy cows for making pizza 'cheesy and delicious'
2015.01.30 09:08 AM

Can you see the Seahawks logo in this pizza board?

2015.01.29 04:38 PM

Tony Romo, Rex Ryan star in Pizza Hut's triple-cheesiest commercial

Ryan goes on flag-throwing rampage in chain's new TV spot
2015.01.29 10:07 AM

Pizzas 4 Patriots to send 5,000 pies to troops for Super Bowl

Organizations team to send pizzas overseas in time for Patriots, Seahawks clash
2015.01.28 02:07 PM

Rethinking muffaletta as a thin-crust pizza for Mardi Gras

New Orleans meets Naples, New York in pizza, muffaletta mash-up
2015.01.28 10:23 AM

Topp'd Pizza owner serves small pizza, but has big plans

Kansas restaurant owner cherishes his pizza independence
2015.01.27 03:44 PM

A Skittles pizza invented to honor Marshawn Lynch

Seahawks running back developed crush on candy as youth football player
2015.01.27 02:26 PM

Report: Winning the war on pizza means healthier kid-friendly, parent-approved products

Pester power by kids moves parent's dining choices
2015.01.27 11:02 AM

What happens when kids eat pizza?

Researchers recommend limiting, not banning, pizza consumption for children
2015.01.26 04:10 PM

Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter dubbed a ‘Pizza Traitor’

2015.01.26 02:47 PM

Pizza chain Sbarro to add 20 outlets in India by 2016-end

U.S.-based New York-style pizza restaurants will be in Delhi, Pumjab, India
2015.01.26 01:00 PM

15 bucket-list pizzerias to visit before you die

Panel of pizza experts share essential pizza experiences —from Chicago to Jerusalem
2015.01.26 10:08 AM

Pizza by Slice the Musical is hunk-a-hunk of burnin’ love

Pizza and love united again in song
2015.01.26 09:00 AM

UK pizzeria offers baked ABORIGINES as vegetarian option

Staff said the leaflet should have offered baked aubergine instead
2015.01.21 11:05 AM

Researchers: Pizza herb could prevent 'Winter Vomiting Disease'

Carvacrol, which is found in oregano oil, could help stave off norovirus, the leading cause of vomiting and diarrhea
2015.01.21 08:37 AM

Pizzeria owner sacrifices life to save his employee from shooter

Leonardo Coppola, owner of Scotto Pizza in Melbourne, Fla., is shot to death by employee's irate husband.
2015.01.20 02:09 PM

Slice of Heaven: How Flippin' Pizza is doing fast-casual pizza differently

Cuban immigrant, Harvard-trained entrepreneur pitches pizza
2015.01.16 03:05 PM

Sign up today for the US Pizza Winter Team Acrobatic Trials

NAPICS show to be held in Columbus, Ohio in February
2015.01.16 02:35 PM
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