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Meet Vincenzo: Zume Pizza Unveils Its Smartest Pizza Making Robot Yet

2018.06.21 12:24 PM

Loud Music Determines Choice Between Pizza and Salad, says Study

New study shows that the louder the music is in a restaurant, the more decadent the food choices will be by consumers.
2018.06.19 11:08 AM

Blaze Pizza Starts Offering Delivery

Blaze Pizza partners with delivery service Postmates to begin offering delivery in 90 of its 270 locations.
2018.06.19 09:48 AM

Are Brides Ready for the Pizza Bouquet?

Villa Italian Kitchen is offering brides and grooms the chance to win a pizza bouquet and boutonniere.
2018.06.18 05:56 PM

The Scary Truth About Online Reviews: Negative Trumps Positive in Readers' Minds

Most online reviews don't reflect reality. Here's why we believe them anyway.
2018.06.17 10:59 AM

How to Turn Your Car Into a Pizza Oven

A French artist has transformed an old Ford Mondeo into a different kind of mobile pizzeria.
2018.06.12 06:42 PM

New Box Designed for Eating Pizza in Bed

The pizza box from a Canadian chain folds into an over-the-lap tray with cardboard legs.
2018.06.12 06:32 PM

Domino's Fills Potholes to Pave Road to Better Pizza Delivery

Pizza chain offers to pay for street repairs in select cities around the country.
2018.06.12 06:23 PM

"Hilariously Shaped Dudes" Serve Up Hawaiian Pizza Topped With Spam in New Orleans

The former owners of Lonesome Pizza stand tall in new shop on North Rampart Street.
2018.06.12 06:13 PM

Pizza Prices on the Rise in NYC

A number of factors account for the increase, New York pizzaiolo say.
2018.06.05 08:54 PM

Pizza For the Troops: U.S. Army Has Found the 'Holy Grail of MREs'

It has taken decades to achieve a pizza MRE that really tastes like pizza.
2018.06.05 08:17 PM

Australian Pizzeria Creates Pizza Inspired by Vietnamese Soup

The Un-Pho-Gettable has stirred controversy in the social media world.
2018.06.05 06:46 PM

Scientists Say This Pizza Prevents Cancer and Heart Disease

Conspicuously missing from the pizza are cheese and meats.
2018.06.05 06:21 PM

Bronx Man Says Pizzeria Manager Beat Him Unconscious With a Pizza Peel

Alleged beating victim says he has been turned off pizza for life.
2018.06.05 05:46 PM

Pizzeria Owners Claim Landlord is Pushing them Out

Pizza shop in California faces closure due to landlord wanting to rent space to Starbucks, claim owners.
2018.05.29 11:35 AM

Chuck E. Cheese's Starts Offering Delivery

See why the pizza chain best known for its in-store pizza parties is now offering delivery through third-party services.
2018.05.28 08:38 PM

New Study Says Weight Can Affect Reaction to Pizza

Pizza appears to be more tempting to those who are overweight, according to a recent study conducted in England.
2018.05.24 10:19 AM

How to Use Watermelon on Summer Menus

Watermelon is one of summer's hottest fruits. Explore new ways to integrate it into your restaurant's menu.
2018.05.22 10:32 AM

National Wine Day is May 25

Don't miss the chance to promote your wine offerings on National Wine Day, Friday, May 25.
2018.05.21 06:10 PM

The Royal Wedding Reception Served Pizza

What's a wedding without pizza? Boxes from Pizza Express were seen being toted into Meghan and Harry's Royal Reception.
2018.05.21 10:45 AM
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