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This Pizza Box Full of Pizza Socks Completely Rocks

It could be the perfect gift for the footloose sock lover who's seen it all.
2018.10.30 09:00 AM

More Than 25 Pizzerias to Participate in Lexington Pizza Week

Each pizzeria offers two off-menu slices or one small pizza for $6 throughout the week of Nov. 5-11.
2018.10.29 07:32 PM

Owner in Portsmouth, New Hampshire Blames Pizzeria Closing on Labor Shortage

Priscilla Lane-Rondeau said she needed at least 38 employees to keep up with orders but couldn't retain more than 20.
2018.10.29 06:53 PM

U.S. Pizza Team Takes High Rankings at the Spanish Pizza Championship

USPT's Gino Rago took 2nd place with a pizza featuring hemp seed flour.
2018.10.29 05:17 PM

Goodfellas Store Planning to Retrain Staff After Viral Video Review Caused Bad PR

Co-owner Alex Coats said customer support after the BarStool Sports blow-up has "reignited our purpose."
2018.10.24 06:37 PM

Villa Italian Kitchen Offers Free Slice For Mega Millions Jackpot Losers

It's not a billion dollars, but "it will still make someone's day."
2018.10.24 09:43 AM

The Juicy Lucy Puts a Pizza Twist on a Minnesota Classic

Giordano's pays homage to a famous Minneapolis-style cheese-stuffed burger.
2018.10.23 10:00 AM

Customers Have to Pay $10 or More for Pizza Hut's $5 Menu

The new menu features various types of food for customers on a budget, but there is a catch.
2018.10.22 06:39 PM

Little Caesars Franchisee Blames $5 Hot-N-Ready Deal for His Stores’ Demise

The chain won a prolonged battle with franchisee Alan Knox, but now there are no Little Caesars stores in Kansas City
2018.10.22 03:58 PM

Teenage Pizzeria Manager Drives 225 Miles to Deliver Pizza to Dying Man

Dalton Shaffer, 18, of Steve's Pizza told no one of his good deed for Rich Morgan, but the news went viral thanks to a Facebook post by Morgan's wife.
2018.10.20 12:53 PM

Lost Pizza Co. Feeds Hundreds of Hurricane Michael Survivors in Panama City, Fla.

The Deep South pizza chain's co-founders Brooks Roberts and Preston Lott organized relief efforts in two states.
2018.10.19 01:13 PM

Sex or Pizza? Man Who Has Eaten Cheese Pies For Dinner for 37 Years Has to Think About It

Mike Roman of Hackensack also likes peanut butter sandwiches for lunch - and nothing else.
2018.10.18 10:30 AM

Salary vs. Hourly: How to Pay Your Pizzeria's Managers

Members of PMQ's Think Tank swap tips for managers' salaries and hours they should work.
2018.10.17 11:01 AM

TripAdvisor Reveals Its List of America's 10 Best Pizzerias

Boston's Regina Pizzeria comes in at No. 1, but two Nashville restaurants also make the cut.
2018.10.16 06:10 PM

Donatos Pizza Partners With Artists to Create Airport Mural Celebrating Diversity

The mural, located in the John Glenn Columbus International Airport in Columbus, Ohio, features 88 pieces of original art.
2018.10.16 05:16 PM

Pizza and Politics Make Tasty Bedfellows in Pizza Paradiso Promo

Chef Ruth Gresser has created signature pies honoring female Democratic candidates in midterm elections.
2018.10.16 04:22 PM

Forget Pineapple: Pizza Fans Are Tickled by Pickle-Topped Pies

After the Big Dill debuted at Rhino's in New York this summer, an Australia pizza shop has followed suit with Mr. Pickles.
2018.10.15 05:23 PM

URBN Pizza Celebrates 8th Anniversary With Help From a Talented Local Artist

Wylie Schwartz's artwork captures the surreal wonder of seaside living.
2018.10.15 04:09 PM

You'll Have to Show Some ID to Buy This Beer-Infused Pizza

Sano Pizza in Dublin changed their dough formulation to celebrate International Beer and Pizza Day.
2018.10.15 03:21 PM

Little Caesars Franchise Has Given Away More Than 140,000 Slices to the Homeless and Needy

The owners' generosity, which earned coverage on Today.com, has recently extended to a GoFundMe campaign.
2018.10.15 02:59 PM
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