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Pizza Lobbyists Hope to Convince Trump to Repeal or Delay Menu Labeling Rules

The National Restaurant Association supports the rule that requires calorie counts and other nutritional info on restaurant menus.
2017.03.29 09:34 AM

When Nature Calls: Desperate Customer Requests Bizarre Side Item in Pizza Order

Buddy, can you spare a roll of toilet paper?
2017.03.22 10:24 AM

This One Simple Change Revived Sales for a Struggling Italian Fast-Casual Chain

When Fazoli’s switched from plastic to real plates, customers’ perception of its food quality soared.
2017.03.22 10:07 AM

UK Celebrity Chef’s Startling Confession Inspires Pizza-for-a-Penny Promotion

Mayfair Pizza Company partners with Just Eat app to give penny pies to customers named Mary
2017.03.22 10:01 AM

Digital Food Orders Logged Double-Digit Growth in 2016

Analyst says many consumers consider mobile apps to be a must-have for restaurants.
2017.03.22 09:57 AM

Nashville Shooting Spree Blamed on Pizza with Wrong Toppings

Teens armed with handguns allegedly opened fire on the DB Todd Market
2017.03.17 12:43 PM

Long Beach Pizza Shop Awards Free Dinner to One Lucky Table Every Night

The media-friendly promo celebrates the 13th anniversary of Buono’s Authentic Pizzeria.
2017.03.14 03:21 PM

Pizzeria Paradiso Cuts Its Menu in Half for Day Without a Woman Protest

Owner Ruth Gresser said the limited menu symbolized the limits of a world without half of its population.
2017.03.14 03:19 PM

New Health Care Bill Would Provide Relief for Restaurant Operators

Restaurants with 50 or more fulltime employees would no longer have to provide insurance to those workers.
2017.03.14 03:17 PM

Post-Election, Customers Aren’t Flocking Back to Restaurants as Some Predicted

New survey says 35% of consumers have been eating at home more often in the past 90 days.
2017.03.14 03:14 PM

Hockey Star Fulfills His Childhood Dream of Delivering Pizza (Story with Video)

The Washington Capitals’ Alexander Ovechkin shows up on customers’ doorsteps with Papa John’s pies and appears in a funny new promotional video.
2017.03.08 09:34 AM

Has This High-Tech Company Finally Designed a Better Pizza Box?

Best known for its pizza-making robots, Zume Pizza in Silicon Valley may have a “green” solution to soggy pizza.
2017.03.08 09:30 AM

Ivana Trump’s Other Ex-Husband Hopes to Become Famous for His Pizza

Rossano Rubicondi plans to open Rossano to Go in West Palm Beach with pizzas inspired by his ex-wife and President Trump.
2017.03.08 09:25 AM

Walk This Way: A Few Lucky Pizza Hut Customers Will Be Able to Order Pizza with Their Shoes (Story with Video)

Just for kicks, megachain will release 64 pairs of Bluetooth-enabled Pie Tops, mostly to celebrities and athletes.
2017.03.08 09:22 AM

Toppers Tops the List of Most Popular Pizza Chains in Daily Meal Survey

California Pizza Kitchen and Giordano’s score runner-up positions, with Domino’s at No. 4.
2017.03.07 09:57 PM

Pieology Pizzeria Introduces PieRise Thick Crust

Fast-casual chain has been testing new crust in select markets
2017.03.02 11:08 AM

Inventor of Hawaiian Pizza Thinks President of Iceland is “Crazy”

A Greek man in Canada was the first to top a pizza with pineapples.
2017.03.01 09:18 AM

Virginia Pizzeria Has to Apologize After “Grab Her by the Pizza” Special Backfires

Del Ray Pizzeria says its Trump-inspired pie wasn’t meant to be funny—nor to encourage sexual assault.
2017.03.01 09:15 AM

Pizzeria Partners with Local Pottery Makers to Plate Their Pies

Even the bowls and plates are “local” works of art at Betulla Burning in Prince George, British Columbia.
2017.03.01 09:02 AM

Restaurant Numbers Experience Biggest Decline Since the Great Recession

As diners stay home, America’s total number of restaurants dropped by 2% from the previous year.
2017.03.01 08:59 AM
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