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Pot Noodle Pizza Has Proletarian Appeal in the UK

The pizzas from Johnny Dough's feature a budget-friendly snack product popular with college students, but the recipes are fairly artisanal.
2019.01.10 01:15 PM

U.S. Pizza Team Acrobatic Trials to be Featured on ESPN Networks for the First Time

Some of the country's top dough spinners will compete in the popular freestyle acrobatics event in Columbus, Ohio.
2019.01.09 12:55 PM

Domino's Australia Debuts Super-Sized Pizza That's Too Large for Delivery

Available only for carryout, The Big One is supposedly too big to fit through a "standard doorway."
2019.01.08 10:50 PM

One Cheeky Tweet Scores Invaluable Free PR for Lou Malnati's

A playful wager over cheesesteak vs. pizza put the Chicago pizza chain in front of more than 300,000 NBC Sports Philadelphia followers on Twitter.
2019.01.07 04:52 PM

Pizzerias Show Support for Government Workers During Shutdown

Some restaurants are giving away free pies to government employees who have been furloughed or forced to work without pay.
2019.01.07 12:12 PM

Pizza Hut Boosts Its Beer Delivery Program as Super Bowl Approaches

Pizza Hut restaurants in seven states will be able to deliver beer starting this month.
2019.01.07 10:42 AM

Horror-Themed Pizzeria Is Scary-Good Concept

The host of a late-night horror-movie series has opened Freaky's Pizza and Wings in Madison, Wisconsin.
2019.01.01 10:54 PM

Domino's Pizza Delivery Car of the Future is Now a Relic of the Past

One of the few existing Triton A2 cars recently sold for $23,000 on Facebook Marketplace, while another will be auctioned off in April.
2019.01.01 10:10 PM

Pizza Vending Machine Offers Fresh Pies on Street Corner in Toronto

PizzaForno serves up four types of pizza in three minutes flat.
2019.01.01 08:45 PM

The Economist Predicts 2019 Will Be the Year of the Vegan

As customers demand more vegan menu options, including vegan pizza, the dietary choice is becoming mainstream nationwide.
2019.01.01 08:14 PM

Uno's Delivers Santa and the Grinch for the Naughty and Nice in Lunchtime Promos

Tickets for meet-and-greet sessions with the "polar opposite" holiday icons range from $9.99 to $15
2018.12.18 11:44 AM

Pizzeria in England Exploits the Need for Seaweed

Seaweed can be added to pizza crusts or used in dehydrated form as a topping for added "umami" flavor.
2018.12.18 11:11 AM

Sloopy's Sports Cafe Leads Christmas Card Drive for WWII Veteran

Glenn Tesnow, who served under General Patton, has become a local celebrity at 97 years old, thanks to a pizzeria's Facebook post.
2018.12.18 10:23 AM

Go Directly to Amazon and Buy the New Pizza-Themed Version of Monopoly

Monopoly Pizza is less about greed than sheer gluttony.
2018.12.18 09:42 AM

Flamin' Hot Cheeto Pizzas Are Burning Up Menus Around the Country

Lelulo's Pizzeria and Mickey's Deli both rolled out spicy Cheeto pies this fall.
2018.12.14 12:00 PM

MOD Pizza Raises $400,000 in One Week to Feed Hungry Kids

The leading fast-casual chain is committed to providing 1 million meals in the next year.
2018.12.13 11:35 AM

Austin Restaurants Offer Latest in a Peck of Pickle Pizzas

Chefs at 40 North and La Barbecue have partnered to create the meat-free Spicy Pickle Pizza.
2018.12.13 09:00 AM

New Line of Eyeshadows Comes in 18 Shades of Pizza Toppings

Glamlite Cosmetics rolled out the Pizza Palette today, featuring shades like Pepperoni, Prosciutto and Meatballs.
2018.12.12 04:45 PM

New Pizza Tours Showcase the Best Pies in Des Moines

The Wow! Des Moines Pizza Tours will cover popular restaurants like Scornavacca's, Noah's Ark and RedRossa.
2018.12.12 04:12 PM

Pizza-Stuffed Burrata Isn't Just Weird for the Sake of Being Weird

Like many dishes at The Bedford, this inside-out pizza was designed with Instagram in mind.
2018.12.12 12:23 AM
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