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Learn how to use Instagram to better engage your customers and generate new business.

For pizzeria operators who use Instagram correctly, a picture is worth a lot more than a thousand words.
2014.02.26 01:21 PM

Direct Mail Strategies for Pizzerias | PMQ Pizza Magazine

Tom Feltenstein offers tips for creating a direct mail offer that your customers can’t resist.
2014.02.26 01:02 PM

Turn a slow night into a moneymaker with these 5 promotional ideas

2014.02.04 02:39 PM

PMQ Exclusive: CEO of Minsky's Pizza explains why restaurants should take gluten-free needs seriously

2014.01.27 08:00 AM

Effects of the minimum wage increase on California employers in 2014

2014.01.22 02:21 PM

The Pizza Plunge: Everybody's buzzing about Domino's bungee delivery promo

2014.01.20 11:22 AM

The Captain Hook Strategy: 5 Creative Ways to Attract New Customers to Your Pizzeria

Looking for ideas to drive more traffic to your pizzeria over the coming year? Here are five creative suggestions from the marketing master himself, Tom Feltenstein:
2014.01.13 08:56 AM

A Minnesota pizzaiolo is also an Olympic medalist who's training for another shot at glory

Bronze medalist Pete Fenson, owner of Dave’s Pizza, splits his time between his family-owned pizzeria and the curling rink.
2014.01.09 02:18 PM

The owners of Slice Pizza & Brew in Birmingham use local marketing strategies to make every night a Friday night.

Boldly original pies, local craft beers and old-fashioned Deep South hospitality have made Slice, owned by the Bajalieh brothers, a local favorite.
2013.12.31 02:01 PM

Love of pizza brings kids and social activists together in new web series

2013.12.02 01:35 PM

The 2014 Pizza Power Report

Loaded with facts and figures and spotlighting the hottest pizza trends, PMQ’s state-of-the-industry report provides an in-depth survey of the wide world of pizza.
2013.11.26 10:41 AM

Hungry Howie's Pizza ad parodies Van Damme

A takeoff on the viral Volvo spot, the video celebrates the chain’s Onion Parmesan crust
2013.11.25 02:30 PM

Shield's Pizza

Beloved for its community service, this Motor City institution has served up Detroit-style pies since the 1940s.
2013.11.24 03:19 PM

A PMQ exclusive: Chicago pizza maker Marc Malnati arranges a truce in Jon Stewart's pizza war

The owner of Lou Malnati’s Pizza talked to PMQ about his response to Jon Stewart’s anti-Chicago pizza tirade.
2013.11.22 01:27 PM

Luigi's Apizza

Steeped in tradition yet known for menu experimentation, this Connecticut pizzeria continues to adapt—and thrive—after more than 55 years in business.
2013.10.30 07:23 PM

Rock & Brews woos the family crowd with pizza, craft beers and classic rock.

Backed by Kiss co-founders Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons, the populist restaurant concept even features a special menu for man’s best friend.
2013.10.30 07:23 PM

Build a loyalty program that makes customers feel genuinely appreciated.

From freebies and discounts to exclusive invitations, find out what your customers want and give it to them.
2013.09.29 11:11 PM

Fast-casual pioneer James Markham blazes a bold new trail into pizza's future.

From MOD Pizza to Project Pie, the outspoken entrepreneur aims to reinvent the way pizzerias serve their guests.
2013.09.29 05:43 PM

Zuppardi's Apizza

This legendary Connecticut pizza creates madly loyal customers and attracts major mass-media attention.
2013.09.29 03:23 PM

A pair of pint-sized pizzathletes are spinning their way to global fame.

Thanks to their dough-spinning skills, Michael and Nicholas Testa have met some of the world’s top celebrity chefs.
2013.08.29 08:38 PM
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