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Love of pizza brings kids and social activists together in new web series

2013.12.02 01:35 PM

The 2014 Pizza Power Report

Loaded with facts and figures and spotlighting the hottest pizza trends, PMQ’s state-of-the-industry report provides an in-depth survey of the wide world of pizza.
2013.11.26 10:41 AM

Hungry Howie's Pizza ad parodies Van Damme

A takeoff on the viral Volvo spot, the video celebrates the chain’s Onion Parmesan crust
2013.11.25 02:30 PM

Shield's Pizza

Beloved for its community service, this Motor City institution has served up Detroit-style pies since the 1940s.
2013.11.24 03:19 PM

A PMQ exclusive: Chicago pizza maker Marc Malnati arranges a truce in Jon Stewart's pizza war

The owner of Lou Malnati’s Pizza talked to PMQ about his response to Jon Stewart’s anti-Chicago pizza tirade.
2013.11.22 01:27 PM

Luigi's Apizza

Steeped in tradition yet known for menu experimentation, this Connecticut pizzeria continues to adapt—and thrive—after more than 55 years in business.
2013.10.30 07:23 PM

Rock & Brews woos the family crowd with pizza, craft beers and classic rock.

Backed by Kiss co-founders Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons, the populist restaurant concept even features a special menu for man’s best friend.
2013.10.30 07:23 PM

Build a loyalty program that makes customers feel genuinely appreciated.

From freebies and discounts to exclusive invitations, find out what your customers want and give it to them.
2013.09.29 11:11 PM

Fast-casual pioneer James Markham blazes a bold new trail into pizza's future.

From MOD Pizza to Project Pie, the outspoken entrepreneur aims to reinvent the way pizzerias serve their guests.
2013.09.29 05:43 PM

Zuppardi's Apizza

This legendary Connecticut pizza creates madly loyal customers and attracts major mass-media attention.
2013.09.29 03:23 PM

A pair of pint-sized pizzathletes are spinning their way to global fame.

Thanks to their dough-spinning skills, Michael and Nicholas Testa have met some of the world’s top celebrity chefs.
2013.08.29 08:38 PM

Pizzeria operators are discovering new ways to profit from the online ordering trend.

Online ordering puts customers in the driver’s seat – and can boost ticket averages by up to 20%.
2013.08.26 08:31 PM

Meet the pizza-making Elvis of the Italian Alps.

Vittorino Tessaro has a burning love for sculpting dough in tribute to the King of Rock-and-Roll.
2013.08.26 07:57 PM

A pizza industry expert offers tips and tools for saucing a pizza right every time.

Dan Risner of PizzaSkool launches PMQ’s recurring Pizza Trainer series with the secrets of applying sauce to a pizza.
2013.07.24 05:19 PM

The U.S. Pizza Team earned global acclaim at the 2013 World Championship of Pizza.

USPT members made pies for a European prince and competed with the world’s elite pizza makers in Parma, Italy.
2013.07.24 03:13 PM

Venice Pizza House

After nearly 60 years in business, this San Diego pizzeria still maintains its old-school appeal while reaching a younger clientele through social media.
2013.07.23 05:40 PM

Pizza X uses youth-oriented marketing tactics to dominate delivery in Bloomington, Ind.

Co-owner Jeff Mease has focused on a few core business principles to build a mini-empire in Hoosier country.
2013.07.23 04:55 PM

Use menu design and creative ingredients to turn your pizzeria into a haven for herbivores.

Vegetarians are deeply loyal customers, and many are looking for a pizzeria that will meet their dietary needs.
2013.07.23 09:34 AM

Connie's Pizza

This Chicago-based multiunit pizzeria is still growing—and experimenting with new concepts—after 50 years in business.
2013.05.22 10:33 AM

Learn how to use social media to deepen your brand's relationship with customers.

2013.05.22 09:50 AM
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