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UK Gives Vegan Pizza Its Due in National Pizza Awards Competition

Purezza makes history as the first all-plant-based pizza restaurant to earn a place in the prestigious event.
2018.10.01 11:16 PM

Owner of Champion Pizza Sells 40-Pound Pizza for $2,000

Hakki Akdeniz's gigantic pizza/cheeseburger hybrid will raise funds for those affected by Hurricane Florence in North Carolina.
2018.10.01 10:42 PM

New Yorkers Defend Their Pizza Against Upstart Portland in Tongue-in-Cheek Survey

When Anthony Falco challenged Patch.com to prove that Portland isn't America's greatest pizza city, Falco still came out a winner.
2018.10.01 09:54 PM

Brooklyn Steps Into the Fray as the Battle of the Pop-Up Pizza Museums Intensifies

The Museum of Pizza runs October 13-28 at the William Vale hotel in Williamsburg, New York.
2018.09.25 03:24 PM

Grinders Pizza Is Where People Go to Get Chili Bombed

Every pie at this Kansas City eatery can be topped with a big pile of tater tots, chili and Cheez Whiz.
2018.09.24 07:02 PM

Fast-Casual Pizzeria Changes Its Model to Meet Customer Demand

Pie Craft in Long Island has added burgers, pastas and other entrees to its menu while still offering a build-your-own pizza option.
2018.09.24 02:45 PM

Video: Scott Wiener Explains How the Pizza Box Has Evolved in the Past 60 Years

From basic paperboard material to containers lined with metallic coating and built-in ventilation, the pizza box has come a long way.
2018.09.24 01:51 PM

In Possible Dream Job, Oven Company Seeks Paid Pizza Taste Testers for Up to $1,000 a Day

Experienced pizza makers and chefs have an advantage in landing a position with Ooni, a manufacturer of outdoor pizza ovens.
2018.09.24 12:48 PM

New East Village Pizza Shop Is All About the Dipping Sauce

Adam Elzer offers his grandmother's recipe for tomato gravy as an option at Sauce Pizzeria.
2018.09.24 11:46 AM

Money Magazine, Yelp Name Best Pizza Joints in Each State

Rankings are based on number of online reviews and star ratings.
2018.09.18 02:53 PM

Pennsylvania Boy Celebrates His Birthday with a Pizza Party for Cops

Jeffrey McCarty got to hobknob with cops and the local bomb squad at his ninth birthday bash.
2018.09.18 11:24 AM

Brooklyn Pizza Master Says This West Coast City Has America's Best Pizza

It's a city without its own signature pizza style, and that's a good thing, says Anthony Falco.
2018.09.18 10:33 AM

Kazoopy's Pizza Gives Away Pies with a Hemp-Based Crust

The Kalamazoo, Michigan shop threw a pizza party with a little help from their friends at My Hemp Solutions.
2018.09.18 09:00 AM

Philly Chef Kurt Evans Will Give Ex-Offenders a Second Chance at New Pizzeria

When Down North opens around mid-November, it will feature a staff of formerly incarcerated men and women looking for a new start.
2018.09.18 08:00 AM

Try Out These Pizza Recipes Dreamed Up by a Computer

Professional and amateur pizza makers are invited to test and tweak these AI-generated recipes and collaborate with Strono.
2018.09.13 09:37 PM

Amalfi Pizza Offers Helping Hand and Affordable Food to Those Fleeing Hurricane Florence

The traditional Neapolitan pizzeria, located in Atlanta, says evacuees can pay whatever they can afford.
2018.09.11 02:37 PM

Michele D'Amelio Leads Two-Day Pizza-Making Class in California

The hands-on class is presented by Univex and Cuisine University.
2018.09.11 12:20 PM

UK's Chippy Tea Tradition Inspires Deeply Weird Pizza Special

Crazy Pedro's has unveiled a pie featuring a mushy-pea base and French fries.
2018.09.10 07:52 PM

Bronx Supermarket Owner Opens Pizzeria in His Store

Nick Enea uses fresh toppings from Super Foodtown's meat and produce shelves.
2018.09.10 01:52 PM

Australian Pizza Workers Help Deliver a Very Special Order: a Newborn Baby Girl

A 17-year-old woman had her baby on the floor at Coco's Pizza.
2018.09.10 01:16 PM
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