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Congressman Learns the Pizza Business for a Day

Rep. Jim Himes didn't just make a pie at Original Pappa's Pizza Downtown - he delivered it, too.
2019.02.25 07:11 PM

The Bada Bing Challenge Is Twice as Nice

This Texas-sized pizza challenge for two launches March 6.
2019.02.25 02:39 PM

Italian Parody Video Pokes Fun at Vegans

Because the saddest part about being vegan is that your grandma doesn't know how to cook for you anymore.
2019.02.21 10:37 AM

Pizza & Ranch Dressing Are Officially Inseparable

Hidden Valley launches ranch-dipped pizza ranch dip in their new Blasted dip series.
2019.02.20 10:11 AM

Spinelli's Pizzeria Boosts Pies and Cocktails With CBD Oil Infusion

Tempe, Arizona pizzeria is high on the trendy extract derived from hemp.
2019.02.19 09:00 AM

Papa John's Will Pay For Employees to Attend College Online

The pizza chain will cover 100 percent of tuition at Purdue University Global for 20,000 corporate employees.
2019.02.15 05:18 PM

Blaze Pizza Expands Delivery Option and Sets Sights on IPO

The fast-casual chain plans to take on larger players like Domino's and Pizza Hut.
2019.02.15 12:19 PM

Alfonso Monaco Takes First at the 4th Pizza d’Autores

Pizza topped with regional Italian ingredients takes first among 18 competitors in Málaga.
2019.02.15 12:10 PM

Louisville Rock Band Has a New Jam Called Lupo Pizza

The founding members of Murder By Death have become renowned for their Neapolitan-style pizzas.
2019.02.15 11:44 AM

Aldi Stores Want to Pour Some Gouda on You

That's just one of the chain's six new specialty cheeses named after classic 80s pop songs.
2019.02.13 11:17 AM

Researcher Uncovers Evidence of a Forgotten American Pizza Pioneer

If Peter Regas is correct about New York baker Filippo Milone, Lombardi's might not have been the first pizzeria in the U.S.
2019.02.12 11:16 PM

Pizza Hut and KFC Pour On the Gravy in New Pizza Mashup

The Gravy Supreme is still being tested in the UK and hasn't been made available to the public.
2019.02.12 10:45 PM

IHOP Invents Its Own Version of the Breakfast Pizza

Bleecker Street Pizza and DoorDash helped promote the pizza-sized pancake in a National Pizza Day promo Saturday.
2019.02.12 10:24 PM

Customers Can Vote On Papa John's Next Signature Pizza

The Pick Our Next Pizza campaign runs through February 12.
2019.02.06 01:14 PM

YouGov Survey Finds Americans Deeply Divided Over Pineapple As a Pizza Topping

Pepperoni remains the most popular pizza topping nationwide, while anchovies appeal to few.
2019.02.06 12:27 PM

Pizza Paradiso Celebrates Female Politicians In New Series of Signature Pizzas

Owner Ruth Gresser will honor women who hold political offices in states across the country.
2019.02.05 01:41 PM

National Pizza Contest Will Award Up to $25,000 In Cash Prizes

The California Milk Advisory Board challenges chefs and students to create innovative recipes using Real California Cheese.
2019.02.05 10:59 AM

Villa Italian Kitchen Creates Parody Pizza Inspired by Fyre Festival

For $25, customers get a cheese pizza "so hot, it's almost worth incarceration for mail and wire fraud."
2019.02.04 06:13 PM

Papa John's Appoints New Chairman of the Board

The CEO of Starboard Value has taken over the position once held by chain founder John Schnatter.
2019.02.04 05:37 PM

Arizona's Fired Pie Testing Out New Breakfast Pizza Menu

The fast-casual pizza company will offer four morning-time pies at its Fashion Square Mall location in Scottsdale.
2019.01.31 03:56 PM
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