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Venice Pizza House

After nearly 60 years in business, this San Diego pizzeria still maintains its old-school appeal while reaching a younger clientele through social media.
2013.07.23 05:40 PM

Pizza X uses youth-oriented marketing tactics to dominate delivery in Bloomington, Ind.

Co-owner Jeff Mease has focused on a few core business principles to build a mini-empire in Hoosier country.
2013.07.23 04:55 PM

Use menu design and creative ingredients to turn your pizzeria into a haven for herbivores.

Vegetarians are deeply loyal customers, and many are looking for a pizzeria that will meet their dietary needs.
2013.07.23 09:34 AM

Connie's Pizza

This Chicago-based multiunit pizzeria is still growing—and experimenting with new concepts—after 50 years in business.
2013.05.22 10:33 AM

Learn how to use social media to deepen your brand's relationship with customers.

2013.05.22 09:50 AM

Cash in on Wi-Fi, smartphones and tablets to become your area's go-to restaurant for digital entertainment.

Options range from kids games and trivia to remote-controlled jukeboxes and ‘American Idol’ on the Android.
2013.04.17 11:32 AM

Nicolosi's Italian Restaurant

Founded by Sicilian emigrant Salvatore Nicolosi, this San Diego institution has been serving family recipes since 1952.
2013.04.17 10:14 AM

Community-based marketing has made Theo's Neighborhood Pizza one of New Orleans' top pizzerias.

Three lifelong buddies support local causes and cross-promote with fellow restaurateurs to build strong community ties.
2013.04.16 11:49 AM

Cultivate a new generation of pizza-loving patrons by designing promotions and events for children.

Experts outline the five key elements of a successful kids marketing program for pizzerias.
2013.03.19 11:06 AM

Mario's Restaurant & Pizzeria

Mario’s Restaurant & Pizzeria: This family-run pizzeria in Flint, Michigan, celebrates 50 years in business this month.
2013.03.19 11:06 AM

From catering and curbside pickup to full-service, Atlanta's Blue Moon Pizza leaves no potential customer behind.

Four-store pizzeria chain follows a business model that gets more pizzas into more customers’ hands in more ways than most chains its size.
2013.02.27 12:33 PM

Legendary pizza spot Arcaro & Genell stands out in the self-proclaimed "pizza capital of the world."

Three generations of Genells have kept the Old Forge, Pennsylvania pizzeria going strong since 1962.
2013.02.20 11:20 AM

Turn your delivery vehicles into moving billboards for maximum marketing and advertising impact.

It pays to get creative with your vehicle signage and make customers—and potential customers—take notice.
2013.02.20 09:46 AM

Borrelli's Italian Restaurant has remained a family affair for more than 55 years.

Coworkers become friends and friends become family at this beloved Long Island pizzeria.
2013.01.04 08:59 AM

Cameron Mitchell credits his success to aggressive marketing and positive employee relations

Execution at the table and word-of-mouth are the best forms of restaurant marketing, says Ohio restaurateur.
2013.01.03 04:45 PM

The risks and rewards of franchising a pizza restaurant concept

Franchising could make you a fortune or leave you in the poorhouse. You'll never know for sure until you try it.
2013.01.03 04:45 PM

Unique promotional giveaway items can heighten your pizzeria's visibility for a minimal cost.

Logoed freebies, such as T-shirts, caps and keychains, offer a simple and cost-effective way to create top-of-mind awareness for your pizza restaurant brand.
2013.01.03 02:14 PM

Little Caesars earns PMQ's 2013 PIE Award by building a carryout pizza empire.

Little Caesars has supported millions in need with the Love Kitchen and helped hundreds of military veterans start their own businesses.
2013.01.03 02:09 PM

Door Hangers, Postcards and Coupons Remain Powerful Marketing Tools

So-called “old-school” marketing techniques are still incredibly effective for pizzerias. Find out how to make them work for you.
2012.11.29 09:16 AM

Pizza Power 2013 State of the Industry Report

Make plans for 2013 with PMQ’s report on the pizza industry—both domestic and worldwide—along with a forecast for the coming year.
2012.11.29 09:14 AM
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