The Pizza Poetry Project Shares Poetry through Pizza

Nonprofit celebrates National Poetry Month by sharing youth-written poetry on pizza boxes throughout New Orleans.

Youth-written poetry will be shared on pizza boxes throughout New Orleans to celebrate National Poetry Month.

This example of creative uses for a pizza box goes beyond cute!

Now in its fifth year, the Pizza Poetry Project presents youth-written poetry of all kinds on top of local pizzeria boxes throughout New Orleans on Pizza Poetry Day, taking place April 27.

The project, organized by youth-writing nonprofit Big Class, is a way to celebrate National Poetry Month as well as the vibrant youth literary community in New Orleans, according to a press release from the organization. Big Class supports writers aged 6 to 18 through creative collaborations with schools and communities.

Cumulatively, Big Class has received more than 1,500 Pizza Poetry submissions, which will be shared in a commemorative five-year anniversary book, also to be released on April 27 at the Pizza Poetry Day Party and on the website.

New Orleans pizzerias that participate in the April 27 event include Homegrown; Mid City Pizza; The Midway; Pizza Delicious; Reginelli's; and Theo's Neighborhood Pizza. In addition to publishing poetry on the pizza boxes, participating pizzerias also donate 10-20% of daily profits on Pizza Poetry Day to Big Class' programs.

Find out more at the website or by following the #pizzapoetry18 hashtag on Instagram and Twitter.

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