Di Fara Pizzeria Forced to Close Due to Health Code Violations

Domenico DeMarco's beloved pizza shop will likely reopen after corrections are made.

Domenico DeMarco has been making his signature pizzas, one at a time, for Di Fara customers since 1964.

Courtesy of Facebook

Di Fara Pizzeria, one of the most beloved pizza institutions in New York, failed a health inspection and had to temporarily close its doors, according to an NBC News report.

NBC says the famed pizza shop, long operated by Domenico DeMarco, got hit with 46 violations, including an alleged rodent infestation and improperly stored food.

DeMarco has been making pizzas by hand—one at a time and taking his sweet time—for his Midwood customers since 1964. About a year ago, DeMarco cut back his hours and turned most of the day-to-day operations over to his children. For most of his 50-plus years as a pizzaiolo, DeMarco worked seven days a week and made every pizza himself. As the founder stepped back from the day-to-day operations, the pizzeria even started offering limited delivery via UberEATS and launched a website.

Di Fara is expected to reopen once it meets the local health code requirements. According to NBC, the violations included “food not being protected from potential contamination; cold foods not being stored at a safe temperature; and evidence of living mice in the facility and food prep areas.”

The pizza shop has been closed down for health code violations before - in 2016 and 2011, according to NBC.


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