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Papa John’s has promised “better ingredients, better pizza” for years, but what they mean by “better ingredients” has been open to debate. Now the megachain is getting more specific—Papa John’s announced it’s testing organic ingredients at 35 stores in Lexington, Kentucky. As one executive said, organic sourcing “is more than a trend, it’s something that will continue to grow.” A 2016 survey showed 65% of consumers are willing to pay 10% more for restaurant food with organic, locally grown ingredients. As a megachain like Papa John’s works to become a “clean machine,” small independent pizzerias will have no choice but to follow.

Find out more about Papa John’s plans—and how they might affect the entire industry—at


How to Create Better Facebook Live Content

A lot of pizza restaurants use Facebook Live, but many use it badly, says Bruce Irving of Just because you can go live doesn’t mean you should. To develop compelling live content, you must have a plan and know how to execute it. And if you have trouble remembering what you want to say, use notes—sticky notes, a notebook, even cue cards are OK if they make you more prepared.

Bruce offers several tips for making a fantastic Facebook Live video at


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Recipe of the Month: Strawberry and Banana Ciabatta with Nutella

Ciabatta bread is enjoying a surge in popularity, especially for sandwiches, and is now becoming more common in pizza restaurants around the U.S. So leave it to Nutella to develop this unique dessert menu item, featuring fresh fruits and Nutella on toasted ciabatta bread.

View the recipe and try it for yourself at


Be Your Own Bartender at Frankie & Fannuci’s

Customers can design and pour their own signature cocktails at Frankie & Fannuci’s Wood Oven Pizzeria in Mamaroneck, New York. As part of the pizzeria’s $25 brunch package on weekends, every guest receives a chip-enabled card providing access to the Self-Pour Taproom, where they can practice their mixology skills—or just pour their own craft beer from the tap—for a total of $15. After spending $15, diners can keep pouring and simply pay by the ounce.

Frankie & Fannuci’s also offers the innovative Prosecco Bar special. Learn about it at

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