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April 2016

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5 dining tips the US Pizza Team discovered in Italy

From tipping to toasting, what you can expect when eating out in Italy

Designing a better pizza box topper

Members of PMQ’s Think Tank swap tips for designing a box topper that helps you sell more pizza!

Product Spotlight – April 2016

Gluten-free made easy, Roman-style pizza, modern mixers, custom-designed crusts, perfectly portioned peels and logoed bottle openers

The little things can hurt you

A lack of online ordering cost one hometown pizzeria our editor’s business—possibly for a long time

5 tips for boosting your pizza sales by creating a memorable chalkboard menu

Get a reputation for creativity by creating unforgettable chalkboard menus. Plus 5 ways to retain customers!

Ham and Peas Rigatoni

This creamy, savory pasta dish is an old family favorite in Chef Bruno’s household.

How you can cash in on the FICA tip credit

This little-known tax credit could save you hundreds of dollars per employee each year.

Adding ice to pizza dough

Tom “The Dough Doctor” Lehmann shares a cool trick for controlling your dough temperature.

At Slice of the 80s, they’re still partying like it’s 1989—and it’s totally gnarly, dude!

With cool delivery cars, vintage decor and seven flavored pizza crusts, this Westland, Michigan pizzeria rocks like a hair-metal band.

Pizzerias may have scored a victory in the House over nutritional labeling rules

A House bill passed in February would make it easier—and more affordable—for pizza chains to follow federal menu labeling rules.

Mix Masters: Smart operators are choosy about their dough mixers

From spiral and planetary models to VCMs, let us help you select the right mixer for your pizzeria.

Exploring the full range—and moneymaking potential—of Italian meats

These gourmet proteins can be paired with nearly everything on your existing menu, with delicious results.

&Pizza: Rebels with a cause—and a whole lot of style

With its polished branding and a memorable logo that symbolizes connection, &Pizza aims to be the pizza shop of the 21st century.

Cheesy Garlic Bruschetta Sticks

Easy to make and highly profitable, these delectable breadsticks from DeIorio’s are a pizzeria owner’s dream come true!

Economic sanctions aside, pizzerias are doing a booming business in Russia

A report on the Russian pizza scene and an upcoming industry conference for pizza makers in Brazil.

The PMQ staff hits trade shows and pizzerias in the great American west.

PMQ staff members partied at the Nightclub & Bar Show, blew a KISS to Rock & Brews and feasted on delicious pizza at Cane Rosso.

Draw more customers and sell more pizza with dining in the great outdoors

Springtime’s almost here, so now is the time to cash in on your patio space.
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