About PMQ Pizza Magazine 

Steve and Linda Green both grew up with pizza. Linda's father owned a pizzeria and Steve served as Domino's franchisee for years and then helped other pizzerias with marketing. Steve created a newsletter about being a pizza consultant and learned that people wanted to subscribe.  That got Steve thinking about expanding into a magazine. In 1997, the couple began a quarterly publication but as demand and interest grew, PMQ Pizza Magazine became a 10-time a year publication. Since that time it has grown to a large online community with the website, PMQ App, digital edition and archives, Think Tank, social media and YouTube. 

 PMQ Pizza Magazine has continued to follow the trends, capture video and audio recordings along with print interviews of those in the industry and continues to focus on strong quality journalism. You can learn more about Steve and Linda Green in our 15th anniversary video from 2012. 

Learn more about our staff and how our office works by watching our PMQ Company Tour below or contact any of us




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